Choosing A New Doctor

One sure-fire way to get the ‘real’ scoop on a surgeon is to talk to some homecare clinicians. Just ask a few homecare nurses — who change messy surgical dressings, negotiate wound-vacs and drains, treat surgical infections — which surgeons do a good job and which ones leave an ungodly mess behind, and believe me, […]

Breast Recon Update: Lipotransfer, Opportunism & BRA Day

Fuhgeddaboudit. Sometimes, the best thing a doctor can tell you is what she won’t do. Such was my experience today. I’ve returned from my consult with the plastic surgeon I vetted recently per my previous post, Private Parts: Breast Recon Without Surgery. Dr. S turned out to be a delightful, intelligent, conscientious person, and she […]

Private Parts: Breast Recon Without Surgery

Well, I must say it’s been nice. By the time I submit my beleaguered breasts for inspection in a few weeks, it will have been six months since I’ve had to expose any private parts to physicians. I had a sinus infection recently that required my primary care doc to look down my throat and […]

You’re Making Me Crazy

Shadows and fog The story I am going to tell in this post is true. It’s a story that has been told to me over the past several months. Certain details have been omitted, but I asked for and got permission to relate the essentials here. The essentials are accurate. The image of the straitjacket […]