I’m Too Young to Be This Age

This is sixty? I’ve been sixty for about ten weeks now, and I still don’t know what I think of it. For the past ten years, I’ve been steadfastly tossing membership invitations from the AARP in the shredder. Wouldn’t be strictly accurate for me to join. The initials, after all, originally stood for the American […]

Five Years Later: Zigzagging Toward Acceptance

“Your biopsy is positive.” None of us ever forgets when we first heard some version of that phrase. I heard it five years ago today. And I thought it merited my emerging briefly from my blog hiatus to write a post. Two weeks ago, I saw my primary care doc for my annual physical. Last […]

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Taking Back My Life

In three months, it will have been five years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I started this blog over four years ago, shortly after acute treatment was finished and I’d returned to work. At first, it was a way to sort out the aftermath and help me convince myself that I’d be okay. […]

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How to Be a Calculating Woman

When I was fourteen, I discovered a great affinity for plane geometry, developed largely by Euclid, the Father of Geometry, who gave birth to his theorems and axioms around 300 B.C. I was adjusting to the ravages of puberty at the time, and therefore struggling with my personal geometry. This included a growth spurt right […]