Radiation, The Aftermath That Never Ends

[Reposted on October 12, 2012.] For a long time, complaining about the long and late-term side effects of radiation was a frequent theme on this blog. I haven’t bitched about being barbecued for a while now. That’s not because everything is just ducky, however. It’s only because (a) I got sick of talking about it, […]

Arm and Shoulder Pain After Breast Cancer

Shoulder Pain, Among Other Things I wasn’t going to write a post this week. I’ve just finished up the latest round of doctor visits, tests and diagnostic images that are required now to make sure that breast cancer has not returned. According to all this recent rigamarole, so far, it hasn’t. So, I get to […]

Under Construction: An Alternate View

Here’s the question: Is breast reconstruction really worth it? How much are we willing to go through to “save” the ‘girls’ while we’re saddled with saving our lives from the ravages of breast cancer? There’s nothing pretty about surgery I’ll never forget the first time I observed surgery as a grad student. It was orthopedic […]

So Long, 2009!

“There It Goes!” And good riddance, if you ask me. Yes, I’ve counted my blessings — I’m not a total whiner. But frankly, my dear, 2009 has been a very disappointing year. And I’m not even talking about partisan politics, global warming, Wall Street greed or the economy. I was onto it early though. Back […]