Oh, NO!! It’s Pinktoberfest!

This is not what I was planning to do this morning. Yes, I was planning to write a post. But merely a thoughtful little post about emerging briefly from my blogosphere hiatus to say that this healing time I’ve taken has been very helpful, and that I plan to continue it by not writing any new, in-depth posts for a while longer, but by reposting a salient selection of my previous ones throughout the month of October. However…

…then I saw this, on Facebook, posted by De-Fund the Komen Foundation.

And I felt it was my duty to step up to the plate, so to speak.

There are so many things about this that caught my eye, as it were, I can’t even begin to list them. But one of them is that this is the second annual occurrence of this event. Like the first one wasn’t bad enough. Like no one evidently jumped all over Susan G. Komen’s Las Vegas chapter and pointed out that this might be, shall we say, extraordinarily tacky. One wonders if the Las Vegas chapter includes any actual women who’ve actually experienced breast cancer. I suppose that, being Las Vegas, what with showgirls kicking in chorus lines in casinos and wearing skimpy outfits, they take perhaps a different view of sexploitation for profit. But really. For a breast cancer fundraiser?? Just when you think Komen couldn’t sink to a new low, they do.

Last year’s poster was more thematically consistent, at least. The model still had no face, but she wore a bikini that was supposed to suggest a baseball uniform, and she was even holding a bat:

I wonder why they changed the outfit this year. Maybe they thought the bat was too hostile. Or unfeminine. In any event, this one was posted by a friend in the comments under the first poster. She found it on a website called The Randy Report (hah hah — written by a man named Randy) which reported that at last year’s event, the Chippendales showed up. Well, of course! Their home is Las Vegas after all. I wonder if they wore pink jock straps.

But you know, I thought that the Chippendales might serve a more apt purpose by helping fundraise for testicular cancer perhaps. Or maybe prostate cancer. Whatever. Something along the lines of the above event. Like, say, “Jockstraps for the Cure.” Or maybe they could launch a special campaign around the holidays:

The only problem with the holiday theme is that the color of the official testicular cancer ribbon is not red, but orchid. I have no idea why. Maybe it was the only color left. But otherwise, I think this could totally work. I mean, fair is fair. If we’re going to sex up breast cancer, why not sex up all of them? I admit it might be difficult to do this for cancers that involve internal organs. But, heck, even something as unsexy as fundraising for colon cancer might get a boost out of having a “Thongs for the Cure” event. Or you could hold a fundraiser in a strip club, shake some booty, and call it “G-strings for the Cure.” Same difference, right?

Okay, maybe not.

I do think, though, that this year’s ‘Save Second Base’ poster could be improved upon. So, I decided to revise it, in an attempt to inject a note of accuracy to the whole breast cancer thing.

So, what do you think? Think they’d let me design next year’s poster? I think I’ll post this on their Facebook wall and see if they like it.

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  1. bloody brilliant my friend!!!

  2. Nice vandalistic truth telling, Amazon. Way to go.

  3. Amen.

  4. You always hit the nail on the head!! Bless you .

  5. Glad to see you back on this, KK. Awesome as always. xoxo

  6. OMG this was great. I’m glad to see ya back, even if only in snippets! Hear, hear!

  7. You are my SHE-RO!! Brilliant, brilliant post!! While it’s well known there is no love lost between me and Komen, I will say that it’s entirely likely they have no idea that their organization is being used for this purpose — because they are known to sue charities that attempt to use ‘for the cure’ etc. So it will be interesting to see their response to this and/or whether they accept the money raised. In either case, Hmmm…..

    But more importantly, I’d like to see a statement from SGK on the tone and message of the event itself! And perhaps Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss (co-founders of Strategic Marketing Group, the force behind Tao NYC and Vegas) should be hearing from anyone who was outraged by this promo:

    Strategic Group NYC: 212.420.9420 | contact@strategicgroup.tv

    http://jasonstrauss.com/wordpress/ Twitter: @jasonstrauss


  8. I knew you wouldn’t be able to keep quiet for too long. Thank goodness I was right! But seriously, the blatant sexism continues to astonish doesn’t it?

  9. Yes, it does, Nancy. I thought I’d seen it all with that Boobstagram thing, not to mention the Pornhub boob bus. [Dudes Telling Us What to Do with Our Body Parts] I should have known better.

  10. Thanks, Chicas! Good to hear from you all & to be reunited with my faithful partners-in-snark, Photoshop and Illustrator.

    Blondie, my dear, thank you for including those links!!

  11. All I can say is that those Chippendales are all wearing prostheses. Poor things.

  12. Bahahah, Jamie! Definitely.

  13. Too funny! Sorry but those sack holders the Chippendales are wearing don’t do a thing for me. Maybe it would appeal to gay men who actually have testicles to worry about?

  14. I threw up in my mouth a little. I cannot articulate just how appalled I am by this trash. Maybe the girl in last year’s poster DID have breast cancer..her chest is clearly fake…filled with silicon, just like mine. Only I wish I’d had HER surgeon. I don’t think my post-double-mastectomy fix-up will be featuring on any poster soon. I am actually moved to contact this House of Garbage and respectfully request they change their poster AND their tune.

  15. Kathi…

    I just walked in from a yoga retreat for cancer survivors. I got in my car on noon on Friday and just got home now. It’s 7PM Sunday. I HOPE all of the serenity I left with can carry me through this month. I tried to stay away from all technology…. however, I did have to sneak a peek and I saw this stupidity….

    Post your improved version on the hall of shame page….. Let’s make that the cover photo. We can keep changing it each time we find something more horrendous….

    Love ya….

  16. Kathi, I recently fought a battle with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, a “charitable” organization out of Texas, founded by a 30 year “entrepenurial” survivor, who has a budget of 11 million, pays herself and her family quite well, and their only service is to provide discounted mammograms.
    AND, to put out a nurses’ educational series “Beyond the Shock”–that says the lymphedema only lasts 6-12 weeks. They refused to respond to emails, and did pull the video in question finally, but I found myself disgusted and sickened.
    The founder says in her mission that she’s positioned this organization to be the top in the “industry”
    So, it’s an industry…..
    I posted about them on bc.org–for some reason this situation made me beyond furious.
    I know about Komen, just had no idea other women were making a business out of marketing breast cancer awareness…..
    Thanks Kathi for another incisive post.
    And I do know about the need for a break.

  17. Dear Kathie, it’s great to have you back, even if it takes Pinkoctober for it 🙂
    Please post your awesome version on SGK’s wall. It is so sharp and right, we have to see their reaction to it…

  18. Your version is fantastic! Witty and brilliant and throughly pissed off you are totally my hero.

  19. Thanks a lot for this post!! a Like it 🙂 what a creasy idea
    Hello from France, we deslike this bad pink

  20. Awesome. So, so awesome. I’m glad you came back to write this. xo

  21. Thank you, everyone. I wish this weren’t what I had to write about on my return to bitchblogging. But it certainly oiled the old snark gears quite nicely. Oy. Now we have to get through the rest of this stinky pink month. Hang tough, everyone.

  22. You’re a friggin’ genius!!

  23. Kathi, as a member of the human race carrying a Y chromosone I made the effort to understand and support causes that mainly concern double X individuals. Withholding any accusations of sexism I sense a lack of concern and knowledge from a few XXers posting here on the maladies affecting men like myself. The selection of the Orchid ribbon is probably related to the medical terminology referring to a testicle as “orchid”. An example is a child with an undescended testicle is diagnosed as “cryptorchid”. Removal of part of a man’s package, while not as physically devastating is comparable on a self image trauma scale. Sorry for barging into an all girl gab session but a link on my facebook page just drew me in here like train wreck. According to the theory of supply and demand there would not be a Chippendale group if no one paid to see it and participate and I am sure the vast majority of consumers are XX variants.

  24. Burny, thanks for braving the XX’s here. Actually, that’s an interesting point about ‘orchid’ as part of the medical terminology, so I looked it up. And found a good explanation on this site: http://www.tcare.org/. Evidently, in England, the medical term for the removal of a testical is ‘orchidectomy.’ I’ve always associated yellow with testicular cancer, due in no small part to Livestrong, but both colors are still used as ribbons for testicular cancer.

    In any case, I think you helped me make my point, which is that sexualization of any cancer is going to feel offensive to many of us who’ve had that cancer, and my proposed poster for a testicular cancer campaign is a deliberate lampooning of the mindset that persists in sexualizing breast cancer. The fact that it bugged you mirrors and underscores the way I and many others with breast cancer feel about posters and campaigns like the TAO one. Such images should bug you. They bug me. But I have to say that, while I take your point about supply and demand for performers like the Chippendales, or for female pole dancers, for that matter, that doesn’t justify using gender sexism to advertise fundraisers for so-called cancer awareness. Meanwhile, hopefully we can at least raise some consciousness in the culture at large that these kinds of images do not serve our cause.

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  26. Kathi, a brilliant blog on the pink October! Well done!
    And they wonder why I don’t like all the pink in October. Companies using it as a means to up their profits by selling more under the color of pink as a way to benefit breast cancer research.
    One has to have gone through breast cancer, and the ongoing treatment of it, to understand the overuse/dislike of October pink.

  27. You got it, Cheryl!

  28. Kathi~ 😀 As usually, you made me bust a gut laughing…. You are a wonderful read each and ever posting and I love your blog more than any other I’ve ever read dear~ Keep on stepping it up as you so eloquently~

    WTG lady in Red High heels~

  29. Thank you, Jane!! I heart you, too.

  30. Kathi, This is great! My Mom has this terrible disease too and at 92 I don’t think they will be choosing her for the third year model on their poster. The profiteers are thoughtless in their promotion as is the giant machine: SGK group. If they (SGK) are a true charitable foundation, then, they are all unpaid volunteers. All money raised goes directly to research and financial help, medicine and medical procedures for the afflicted victims. Not to salaries. Not to pink supplies “goods”. An endless list of “corporate cost” to justify an “operation cost”. Next year at TAO Restaurant, how about a Breast Cancer Prosthesis fund raiser for women who’s insurance won’t cover reconstruction….Keep Snarking

  31. Dave! It’s good to see you here. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. She may not remember me, but give her a hug from me anyway. And you are so right in your comments. It’s gratifying that so many people are finally seeing through Komen’s BS. Even with insurance, it’s amazing how expensive it is to have cancer, and there’s precious little help for us who go broke and lose income from it because we can’t work full-time anymore or not at all. We should talk one of these days. xoxo

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