Bye-Bye, Pinktober: A Futuristic Send-Off

So, I was thinking, where is all the pink crap likely to end up anyway? You know, like, a hundred years from now…

New York Times, October 30, 2113:

Archaeologists working at a dig in a Texas landfill have come upon a strange layer of pink artifacts, including weapons, appliances, clothing and other peculiar items, believed to be part of a failed subculture estimated to be nearly 100 years old. Several teeshirts, covered in oddly sexual slogans, have been submitted for carbon dating. Historians researching the immediate area stated that the landfill is located close to what is believed to be the original site of a long-defunct organization called the Susan G. Komen Foundation. “In the early 21st century,” stated one archaeologist, “it was apparently believed that encouraging corporations and manufacturers to produce and sell pink merchandise would somehow lead to a cure for breast cancer. Ultimately, it was discovered that much of this merchandise contained carcinogens that in fact contributed to the disease. There is still much to discover about this now-extinct cultural anomaly.”

Archaeologists comb through a Texas landfill.

Well, we can only dream…

Apologies to for tarting up their ‘Meet the Archaeologist’ photo.

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20 Responses to “Bye-Bye, Pinktober: A Futuristic Send-Off”

  1. You nearly had me till I saw the baby! But great image, Kathi. I certainly hope it’s a long-gone disease by 2113.

  2. Oh, if only, Catherine. I hope both the pink crap AND breast cancer are defunct long before 2113. BTW, that ‘baby’ is a doll called ‘Crawl for the Cure.’ Ewwww. xoxo

  3. perfection!

  4. 😉 Thanks, Lauren.

  5. Crawl for the cure! oh shit… Love love this one Kathi, thank you for the laughing out loud, all the way down the stairs so I could comment better on my computer than on my phone. “Oddly sexual slogans.” LOL

    Look at that pink gun! Love the pink dirt and pink sweat. Hilarious farce darlin’ friend. Thank you for your imagination. xoxo

  6. Carolyn, if I made you laugh out loud today, of all days, I am exceedingly pleased. Mission accomplished. xxoo

  7. “Tarted up”…very funny, thank you yet again for sharing your skill at computer funnery. The Barbie is you, right?


  8. Perish the thought, Shel!! The Barbie is the infamous Pink Lady, designed by that mawkish sod, Thomas Kincaide. My friend Rachel received one for Christmas after she was diagnosed with mets. She gave it a special send-up on her blog, the first of many about pink crap, and one of our special bonds as snark sisters:

    Naturally, this post would not have been complete without the Pink Lady, who, I’m happy to say, was ultimately & deliberately broken into several pieces.

  9. oh, kathi! this is a masterpiece of snark, tarting up, and delicious perspective we can only hope will someday be realized; love the part about many of the pink items being found to contain carcinogens that “in fact contributed to the disease”. … extinct cultural anomaly…yup, that’s exactly the way it would look. Rachel would be very proud of you.

    much love and light, karen

  10. Thanks, Karen!

  11. Ah, an obituary for Pinktober! Like that thought, zaplady.

  12. Ingeniously awesome post!!! PS Your photoshop skills are superb! 😉

  13. Laughed my head off. This is hilarious, that picture is truly amazing in so many ways. The pink Komen mixmaster was the one that I found so offensive a few years back when I first saw it. But the gun. Holy smokes. xo

  14. Love.This. May it foretell a future that arrives next October.

  15. Excellent post! I’m with you – hoping Breast Cancer and the pink nonsense will be long gone by then!!

  16. Thank you, everyone!! 😀

  17. I agree in part, however there are other good organizations, who use this color to make others aware and to help fund mammograms and services for those afflicted. I do believe there was a need at one time to make people aware but as time moves on, we need to work more on prevention. Good news from about Kraft foods but so much more work to be done!

  18. Stumbled on this by chance…love it because even I understand pink is a load of crap and I don’t have breast cancer.

  19. I just suffered through my first Pinktober this year. A cousin who is a breast cancer survivor told me it would drive me crazy and she was right! My surgeon raises money for The Breast Cancer Fund. He hates the pink phenomenon and this year when he did a sacred trek to raise money for The Breast Cancer Fund, I donated on behalf of myself and my pink-hating cousin. Love this website you have here!

  20. Thank you, Marirose!

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