Feel Your Boobies For Valentine's Day

Today is Friday the 13th, as well as the day before the six month anniversary of my partial breast amputation surgery to remove all the tissue containing granules of ductal carcinoma in situ from my right breast. I had a mammogram today and it was negative. Negative is good. We like negative in this context.

So, go and feel your boobies. And get a mammogram every year if you are 40 or older, or 35 or older if you have a family history, or any age if you feel something is wrong — whether your doctor notices or not. My cancer was not even palpable, so it was my annual screening mammogram that saved my bacon. Whatever you do, just do it and save yourself.

And by the way, I got a Valentine from Dr. Susan Love’s Army of Women, which is endeavoring to sign up one million women who would be willing to participate as research subjects to study breast cancer. All women are welcome to sign up, whether you’re a survivor or not. Dr. Love is actually an old neighbor of mine from ages ago when we both lived in Boston. We even shared the same accountant!! She is updating her Breast Book as well and is asking for suggestions about what to include in it. Here’s a link: Breast Book #5

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2 Responses to “Feel Your Boobies For Valentine's Day”

  1. Hi Kathi
    How names can be appropriate, Dr Susan Love!
    I am so pleased you had a negative result, however with your intentions I kind of expect that 🙂
    Love Wilma

  2. Thanks, Wilma! The negative mamm is the best news I’ve had in months.

    And yes, it’s a chuckle getting a Valentine from Dr. Love, who is an institution unto herself. Her Breast Book has always been one of the definitive books on breast cancer. Makes me chuckle to think we both had our taxes done by our neighbor Marjorie way back when.


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