Global Crabby-ness

I don’t know about you, but this has been a looooong winter, and this week in particular has been very vexing. And I’m not the only one I’ve observed who has just about had it these days. So, I thought I’d make a list of all the things that have annoyed me this week, in no particular order.

  1. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.
  2. I am sick of being a cancer patient and seeing cancer doctors and taking cancer medications.
  3. I am sick of taking this particular medication that makes me nauseous and not being able to change it because it’s the only one I can take because of another medication I have to take to keep the cancer from coming back.
  4. I am sick of being cold and of having a cold.
  5. I am sick of corporate CEO’s who are so out of touch with reality that they don’t understand why execs should not be entitled to make 200 times more than their average employees.
  6. I am sick of Republican Congressional Representatives who seem to be proud of opposing whatever President Obama tries to get through Congress and who tout themselves as the guardians of the economy when it was their boys in the White House, in the Securities & Exchange Commission, and heading up the Federal Reserve Board who ignored the early warnings about the unvarnished greed, self-interest and idiocy that led to our current economic mess.
  7. I am sick of having more scar tissue and more deformity in my right breast (what’s left of it…) from surgery and radiation.
  8. I am sick of watching my retirement fund shrink.
  9. I am sick of driving in bad weather.
  10. I am sick of political hypocrisy and ethical midgets and the socially irresponsible.

That’s enough from me. How ’bout you?

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