There's A Little Black Horsie On My Couch.

This little guy came home with me today when I picked up a prescription at the local pharmacy. He was on sale for $4.99. I mean, I was all set to buy him at the original price of $19.99. Then I get to the register & the cashier tells me he’s only $4.99 & that she’s glad someone’s taking him home because she was all set to do so if noone else did.

I’ve always wanted my own horse! Now I have to give him a name…

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3 Responses to “There's A Little Black Horsie On My Couch.”

  1. When I was 11 I saved my own money by raking leaves, lemonade sales etc…and bought my own pony…my Dad named her Miracle because it was a Miracle I ever got her! How about Miracle???? 🙂 Because Miracles do happen!! just a thought….Beth

  2. An excellent suggestion! Also, you must have raked an awful lot of leaves & sold a lot of lemonade to come up with that much money! Very admirable.

  3. LOL! Back in the early 70s she only cost $80.00!!! but yes that was alot for me back then …

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