Believe Me, Believe Me…

“Look, let’s say I’ve experimented with most things in life.”
— Dusty Springfield

Just a quick post. Dusty Springfield, born Mary O’Brien in Hampstead, England, was a troubled, talented, bisexual, influential white girl singer who sang soul, had a tough time with her own success, and died of breast cancer in 1999 just shy of her 60th birthday. She still influences pop divas to this day. I heard a great interview today with the author of a new book about her. You can also visit a fan site here. And remember, it’s Women’s History Month, and here’s a site for more info on that.

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  1. Wow. I didn’t realize she was that old. She would be turning 70 now. But what am I thinking. Look at the Rolling Stones. They have to be in their 60’s or more.

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