Negative Is The New Positive

All right, let me cut right to the chase: my do-over mammogram was negative! Yay! No new funny spots, suspicious areas, or cancer.

There is more to the story, but I’m too tired to tell it right now. The last few weeks have been emotionally exhausting. I will just say a massive thank you to all my friends from the Sistah-hood (you know who you are), from Facebook, from work, from the blogosphere, from life, and from art, for all your prayers, hugs and good wishes as I was waiting to get my results. And even better, all your hugs, whoo-hooo’s, cheers and good wishes after I got my results. I was really touched. It’s awfully lonely sometimes, lying awake in the middle of the night, trying not to fret, so it really meant a lot to me to know that you were all with me in spirit all the way. With all that love, there’s no way the big C could beat me.

When I’m not so tired, I’ll have some juicy posts for ya. In the meantime, just so you know that there are a few advantages to being a cancer patient (very few, but, hey, you gotta make that lemonade from the lemons when you can), I will tell you that I now have a new parking pass for when I go up to the big city to see my doctors or I can continue to take advantage of the free valet parking offered to those of us in the Cancer Club.

A big MMMMWAH to all!

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3 Responses to “Negative Is The New Positive”

  1. I am so happy that it was good news for you. I know not knowing is very hard emotionally. The what if’s will drive you nuts. Congratulations. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Thank God. I’m so glad your positively negative! And that you have perks!

    I’m behind right now – grading like a maniac – just wanted to slide by and say…

    it’s time to exhale!

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