Jumbo Photoshop

Photoshop’s toolbox stuck to a subway poster of Brittany.

This is a link to some guerrilla art activity known as “adbusting” in which the busters made a billboard-sized subway poster look like a giant-sized Photoshop workspace as it appears on your computer screen. Good joke! Especially with the added “layer” of implication that most likely Photoshop was used to clean up the original photos on the billboard in the first place.
Then, on the same website, called Brand Infection, is this wonderful creation:

What Photoshop would be like without computers:

Photoshop in the "real" world

And for a link to where you can get a hi-res copy of this wondrous creation, suitable for using as desktop wallpaper (I’m trying it on mine), click here.

And thanks, Wandaaa, you Art Snob you.

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