Papa, They Took My Kodachrome Away!

The Kodak LogoOkay, as a photographer, I have to mark this occasion, which is the day that Kodak stops selling Kodachrome, that wonderful color film immortalized in song by Paul Simon. Don’t feel sorry for Kodak, though. They are doing all right in the digital age, selling digital cameras & printers & stuff. But this does signal an era coming to a close. There are some purists who still play with film. I’m not one of them. I spent enough hours as a lackey in my father’s home darkroom, inhaling fumes and getting chapped hands from stacking prints as they rolled off the drum dryer, that I have never harbored any particularly sentimental feelings about chemical photography. Photoshop rocks!! Believe me, if my dad were still alive, he’d agree. He’d be all over digital photography like white on rice. I thought of him yesterday, on Father’s Day. I ended up being a lot like him, with that left brain/right brain equality thing going on, which is the perfect kind of brain for making digital art — part geek, part bohemian!!

Miss you, Dad! Thanks for everything!

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2 Responses to “Papa, They Took My Kodachrome Away!”

  1. I heard that about Kodachrome. I thought of the Paul Simon song too. I hear it in my head right now. Probably will for hours or days even. Glad you are blogging. I can’t seem to muster up the energy. Too much going on. But soon…….

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