I'm Feeling The Love

Christmas in September – Winterberry in the Rain

Well, good golly, it’s like Christmas around here today. I went to check out my blog mail and found that two of my favorite blog sisters have very kindly named me for blog awards.

Gosh, I feel almost like Sally Field accepting her Oscar. But more in keeping would be for me to quote one of my favorite creative dames, Ruth Gordon. She happened to grow up in the same part of the world as I did, on the South Shore of Massachusetts. She was always a pistol, never a conformist, funny, talented, and a successful screenwriter in Hollywood. But she was an actress first, with a long career that stretched from playing one of the Lost Boys on Broadway in Peter Pan to playing Maude, that remarkable character in the film Harold and Maude, which won her a whole new group of young fans. When at age 70, with a brilliant career behind her, she won her first Oscar for her role in Rosemary’s Baby, she accepted the award by saying, “I can’t tell ya how encouraging a thing like this is.”

First, my friend Coco gave me a Kreativ Blogger Award. Coco is also the person who nominated this blog for the Most Provocative Blog of 2009 award over on Social Luxe. The tagline on Coco’s own blog, Screaming for Chocolate is my favorite ever: “Inside there is a skinny woman screaming to get out, but I can usually shut the bitch up with chocolate.” Thank you again, Coco, my friend. Your support this year has meant a lot.

Part of the deal is that I must name seven other creative bloggers for this award and divulge seven things about myself that you might find interesting.

So, here are seven talented artists whose blogs I’ve enjoyed:

1. Debbie at Rainbows Within Reach
2. Monda at Fresh Ribbon
3. Norah at Connecting Stories
4. Cecilia at Ph.D. Comics
5. Chris at Keyframer
6. Christoph at Abstract City
7. John at I Love Typography

Now for seven things you might find interesting about my creative side.

1. I was a serious student of ballet for several years but was told I was too tall to be a ballerina.
2. I’m a pretty good singer.
3. I was the lead singer of a blues rock band in my twenties.
4. My dad was the lead singer of a swing band in his twenties, so it’s obviously in the genes.
5. I can still do a really good imitation of Robert Plant singing “Whole Lotta Love.”
6. I can also still do a really good imitation of Grace Slick singing “White Rabbit.”
7. If I were 20 years younger, I’d love to have a degree in film special effects and animation so I could work on the Harry Potter film franchise.

Now, as if all that weren’t enough, my cyber sister Monda named me for an Honest Scrap Blog Award, which is presented to “bloggers who post from the heart.” Thanks, dahling! It’s probably impossible to exceed the honor I felt earlier this year when you named me an Honorary Southern Gal. And BTW, Monda, I know you haven’t been on Facebook for a while, but you really missed some fun after I shared my HSG status on FB, which prompted my other born-and-bred southern girlfriends to post a very entertaining group discussion about what makes a genuine Southern Gal. There will be a blog post here on this topic one of these days.

So, now, I have to name seven from-the-heart bloggers as well as mention ten more things about me that you might not know but find interesting. Lordy. After I finish all this, you’ll all know more about me than my therapist.

Well, here are seven bloggers whose brave and splendid candor has grabbed me in the gut and given me courage to keep doing my thing here:

1. Coco at Screaming For Chocolate
2. Emily at Generation Y’All, who happens to be Monda’s daughter, proving once again that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
3. Julia at Cancer Vacation.com
4. Lisa at Alright Tit
5. Jeanne at Rock the Bald
6 & 7. Rachel and Christine at Our Bodies, Our Blog

Now let’s see if I can dredge up ten more candid and remotely interesting bits about me. I’m really a lot more boring than people think. It’s all in the presentation, ya know. If you want people to think you’re interesting, just get a tattoo and wear red high heels. Works for me.

1. I once lived with a six-foot-long female iguana named Angel. She wasn’t my iguana, you understand, but she liked me and would ride around on my left shoulder, with her long tail hanging down my back.

2. I was too young to sneak off to Woodstock, but I did go to that Woodstock runner-up, Watkins Glen, four years later. It also poured rain that weekend (must be a thing in upper state New York) and my girlfriend Nancy and I got lost and soaked and had to sleep overnight on the ground under a bus. Kinda put me off outdoor music festivals for a long time.

3. I once spent a work day with Daniel Ellsberg. You youngsters won’t know who the heck he is probably, but he became famous for leaking the Pentagon Papers, a highly classified document, to the New York Times, thereby revealing the level of cynicism and deceit going on at the highest levels of government during the Viet Nam war. When I met him, he was a kind, unpretentious and articulate man and I got a thank you letter from him a week later (which of course I saved) for a small courtesy I did for him. The letter was signed, “Yours, Dan.” Sigh.

4. My mother, who worked as a telephone operator, looked a lot like Lily Tomlin, particularly her telephone operator character Ernestine.

5. I made my first buck as an artist when I was ten years old, drawing pencil portraits of neighbors at a family cook-out.

6. I wrote a poem when I was nine that was picked to be read on national television on a poetry show that used to be broadcast on CBS on Sundays. If anyone besides me remembers that program, please let me know. Sometimes I think I must have made it up. I mean, who else’s mother would rather stay home from church and watch some dude read other people’s poetry?

7. I taught myself to upholster antique furniture in my twenties and then proceeded to do it for a living for the next three years. That’s how I got to furnish my entire house with antiques that I bought for little or nothing.

8. I have a crush on Bobby McFerrin.

9. I once played and sang the part of Snoopy in a medley of songs from the musical “You’re A Good Man, Charley Brown.”

10. I’m a closet geek.

Whew! Now I’ve got to update my blog roll.

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5 Responses to “I'm Feeling The Love”

  1. I have always been impressed with you and the things you do. Reading these things about you IS interesting. You are an amazing woman. Thank you so much for the award. That was so sweet.

    Today one of my blogging sisters said we were cyber sisters. I thought “Yes we are”. Isn’t blogging just a fabulous and wonderful thing. I feel so enriched to have made the friends I have that I would never have known had it not been for blogging.

    You rock.

  2. Pssssst…when you figure out how to get these in code to put on the blog please let me know. I don’t have any problems inserting them into a post but putting on the blog is a whole other story. In a foreign language story.

  3. I had to fight the urge to run out to get a tattoo and buy red high heels. (Can’t even remember the last time I wore high heels…) Other than on paper I find myself very dull. Gotta work on my presentation! LOL 😉 BTW, love what Coco said, cyber sisters. That’s neat!

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