Archery, Anyone??

It’s the Photoshop thing. After my recent posts, I was having too much fun with Photoshop to pass up the obvious — coming up with an actual picture of the Accidental Amazon herself. My deepest gratitude & due apologies go to Anna Yudovin for her painting “Amazon Scout,” which I found at, a site for sci-fi & fantasy art fans. A link to her portfolio may be found here. The scar, by the way, is indeed on the correct side, although I’m not quite that slim these days. Nor do I have a tattoo on my thigh & neither did the painting until I added it. I do have an attitude though…

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One Response to “Archery, Anyone??”

  1. I love it, KAK! What a great satisfied Artemis you have there; you look relaxed and pleased as if you’ve had a good day’s hunt.

    Thanks so very much for sharing this with me!


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