In The Picture

I positively refuse to say anything serious in this post. I spent a lovely, frivolous evening playing with Photoshop, updating the ‘self-portrait’ I’d concocted last year by pasting on a more current version of my face. This bit of nonsense was unwittingly spurred on by my most recent blog Sistah, Jeanne, who has been writing a blog called The Assertive Cancer Patient for several years, and who remarked that after searching for a good Amazon image to hang on her own wall, she’d had a friend paint an image of her as an Amazon. I directed her to the page of this site upon which my original effort is stored, and thought, “I should do that over…”

So, it’s your fault, Jeanne, that I decided to spend the evening on this. I hope you all enjoy the results. Now at least, I have a real leg tattoo of my very own to put on this version. My apologies once again to dear, unsuspecting Anna Yudovin, whose original painting I came upon at Thank you again, Anna, and I hope you’ll continue to forgive me for grafting my kisser onto your spirited image. I am this tall, and I’m still this leggy, and I used to be this slender not all that long ago. And it is my right breast that was chopped, although I do have a bit of it left. Now, I don’t know why I even bothered not having the whole thing removed, although I was acting on the information I was given at the time. But don’t get me started on that subject, or I’ll break my own promise not to say anything serious!

Up yours, Cancer! Just you wait till I take those archery lessons!!

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9 Responses to “In The Picture”

  1. Love it! Great picture!

  2. I love this, what a fun picture!

  3. I have no words to tell you how I felt looking at the picture..
    Take those archery lessons sistah..I am so glad to have a warrior like you on my side.

  4. OO LA LA – What a wonderful idea, and something I did not know existed. HHMMM, now that I’ve stated I DON’T use any APPS on FB, here THIS comes along….darn!

    YOU, btw, look fantastic, and am glad to hear that your legs, etc., are still in good shape! WOO HOO. …always nice to have SOMETHING to still be happy about, yes?!

    Now, my problem would be I have a bi-lateral – so I could use my bow & arrow on either side, and atually DID take archery in college,of all things! (tho had honking 38DDD’s at the time! lol ;0) …hee hee)

    Tho THIS “maid marion” / Amazon Warrior would want to have some kick-butt HEELS, like I used to be able to wear (oh, so many years ago, it feels…sigh…to be young, foolish, and still in shape to wear them – they’d be on my feet in a HEARTBEAT!)

    btw – I, too, have these little BUMPS left over, even tho I said REMOVE IT ALL (after six horrifying surgeries for the FIRST step of tissue-expander recon – we didn’t even get to start doing much ‘filling’ of saline, they had to keep taking the damn things out due to MASSIVE incompetence and incredible complications for something so damn simple….aarrgghh)

    and yet I still have these two…lumps of skin/flesh… not remotely evenly spaced….near the middle of where my boobs would have been…at the end of some truly astounding scars….yup, mirrors and me are REALLY great friends….

    BUT…enough of MY stupid woes….

    I’m envious, jealous, and madly in love with with your new “avatar!” Go sling some arrows at someone, you deserve it with that super kewl tatt and stunning “gams!” ;0)


  5. The Amazon Warrior – screw you cancer!

  6. I am such a tard on adobe. I just nominated you for Best Community Blog. I wasn’t sure what to put you under since I feel that your blog is inspirational and informational about cancer plus so many other things.

    Tell all your friends and get them to go there and nominate you girly.

  7. PS…. nominations end soon and voting for real begins on the 20th I think.

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