New Year, New Blog, New Cold…

Good morning, everyone. This was, in many ways, the perfect weekend for me to start a new blog using software that I am (almost) completely baffled by. I worked on New Year’s Day (yes, I know — don’t you feel sorry for me???) & suddenly was struck by a cold — runny nose, sneezing, many tissues & having to wash my hands about 50 times for each of the two patient visits I made that day. Groooaaannnn! I thought I had just had a severe allergy attack. But, no, the symptoms endured. The next day, they were joined by a stomach ache & losing my breakfast, quickly followed by aches & chills, etc. Hey, I got a flu shot! WTH??

Anyway, I’ve been good for nothing but reading, sleeping, slowly trying to keep something down & playing with my computer. So, I’ve been learning how to edit PHP code. This makes me sound smarter than I am. Basically, I have mainly been editing the font & banner colors in the page-theme code I downloaded & then uploaded. Oh, yes. Not to insult the WordPress people, because they give all this stuff away, which is very nice of them; but it’s not enough merely to download the software to your computer because then you have to upload it to your website files with your web host. Don’t ask. Anyway, I already know about the hex codes for colors from my considerable & obsessive acquaintance with Photoshop. So, I figured out I could edit the color codes in these page templates I got. Then I figured out how to upload images & patterns to replace the ones in the templates. Mainly, I spent a lot of time learning how to tweak what’s called the Cascading Style Sheet, which is a set of layout instructions, something I can actually understand from using InDesign, except that they’re written in PHP code. OMG, I’m starting to sound like a true geek…

So, this is the year that I am NOT going to be diagnosed with breast cancer, I’ve decided. Been there, done that, have the scars. I will slowly be transferring the old blog pages some of you know & love at ‘The Art of Healing’ on my Sketches Blog to this one. And of course I’ll be writing new pages here.

I have to admit that I spent much of my time since Christmas thinking about how having breast cancer last year was like getting innoculated with a large dose of “don’t sweat the small stuff.” We’ve had a few really corking snowstorms in the last week or so, then it was 9 degrees (I kid you not) on NYE itself. Then I had to work, work, work, which is probably why I got this bug. And my brand new car has been in the shop getting a leak fixed in the trunk, while I drive a loaner. But I kept thinking that everything was very minor & insignificant compared to having breast cancer last year.

The only thing that wasn’t so minor was that one of my cat’s came close to dying on Christmas night.

Don't you just wanna smoosh her?

Don't you just wanna smoosh her?

Chloe aka “The Fluffball”

I thought Chloe was having a heart attack, she was so weak & listless. She barely moved for 24 hours, then I finally got some water into her & slowly she came back to herself over the next 4 or 5 days. My vet so far ruled out thyroid & kidney problems. But she has to get more tests. She might have a heart problem. She might have cancer. She is 16, after all, but I’m not ready to part with Her Fluffiness just yet.

So, I sit here, sometimes with Chloe on my lap, scarfing down clementines (lots of vitamin C) & drinking tea & eating the occasional piece of toast, learning how to do something I’ve never done before, which is as good a way to ring in the new year as any other. And then I have a nap & Chloe snuggles up to me for a while. And my dog is delighted because he got all the beef bones from the Christmas prime rib.

So, life is pretty good, even with a touch of the flu.
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2 Responses to “New Year, New Blog, New Cold…”

  1. Hi Kathi,
    I am glad your “Fluff ball” is ok. She sure looks cuddely and oh so cute. I love cats! My cat’s name is Mauie and he is my ‘comfort and joy.’ I was sick too a lot going into the New Year, resting often with Mauie, and reading a good book. All the Holiday food made me sick, and then I got a ‘radiation burn’ after only 4 treatments. Of course my radiologist oncologist didn’t think the acute pain I had in my arm was causeed by radiation. Maybe my shoulder got dislocated, she suggested. Not likely to happen while you sleep I said. I woke up with acute pain Saturday morning Jan 2 after having had 4 radiation treatments Dec 28-31. So yes I think it was caused by radition and not by a tumor pressing on a nerve, which was my oncologists 2nd ‘theory.’ After listening to her for a while I realized she would never agree that radiation could have caused acute pain, the kind that would bring you to Emergency if you didn’t have excellent alternative doctors to help you out, like I did. My acupuncturist and my lymph node massage specialist worked on me the whole weekend and now my arm is much better. It’s still a bit numb in the upper/inner arm but the pain is almost all gone. I still can’t believe my radiologist oncologist: “We didn’t radiate the arm,” she said. So you “didn’t radiate the armpit?” I asked. She said they did but she didn’t consider that ‘being part of the arm. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Nedless to say I am already done with radiation this time around. I will focus on healing my arm now, and like you I would like my life to be about something other then breast cancer this year.
    Sounds like you have gotten off to a good start. Good for you.
    Happy New Year Greetings
    from Ann-Kristin, Swede living in Los Angeles

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