Emoticons For Survivors

First of all, a little bidness. I owe an overdue thanks to dear Teri for awarding The Accidental Amazon an Honest Scrap Blog Award for 2010. My dear cyber sister Coco gave me this award last year as well. It’s a lovely thing when your sister bloggers think well of your efforts, but it’s even better to meet such amazing and wonderful and strong and creative women in cyberspace. Coco, you are a dear, dear lady and I’m so glad we stumbled upon each other. And Teri, I feel like you are my teammate in the BRCA realm of this cancer adventure, and I couldn’t have picked a better teammate if I tried. The Honest Scrap Award comes with a few obligations, which I may not get to fulfill in this post. One is to share seven bits about myself that people might not know from reading my blog. The other is to nominate some other blogs in turn for the award. I want to do a separate post on the latter for sure, so I can really do it well. As far as the former goes, after this post, you’ll probably deduce a few things about how my brain works that are frankly a little scary.

Next on the thanks list, I want to thank sistah Colleen, whom I met via the Sisterhood of the Travelling Breast Cancer Tee. We are both a tad twisted in similar ways (our common Celtic heritage, no doubt) and have so many shared tastes, I think we might have been twins separated at birth. Colleen recently posted a link to a blog called Hyperbole and a Half, written and illustrated by a very witty cyber sister named Allie. It was one of her posts that inspired this post. So, thank you Colleen and Allie for being simpatico, and if anyone complains that I’m too much of a sicko after reading this, I’ll blame it on you two.

Next, I want to thank my cyber sister Nicole, and my cyber sistah Maria. Nicole is practically my next-door neighbor geographically, as it turns out, but we met because each of us was connected to Teri and to Maria, so it was almost inevitable that she and I would hit it off. I passed the link for Allie’s blog along to her, and she’s been posting more of Allie’s stuff ever since. Today, Nicole posted an Allie link about a subject near and dear to me — namely, the abuse and misuse of the English language, on the web and elsewhere. Reading it prompted me to troll Allie’s blog for related stuff, which brought me to her post about emoticons, which prompted me to look up more emoticons, which filtered through my admittedly peculiar gray matter,which prompted me to write this post.

Are you still following all this??

Finally, I want to thank Maria for being Xena the Warrior Princess to my Artemis the Accidental Amazon. And for introducing me to some wonderful cyber women. Except for a few geographic outliers who live on other continents, she and I seem to have assembled an informal Eastern North American Wise-Ass Women And Survivors group (‘ENAWAWAS?’) on Facebook over the past several months, and we are richer for the experience. We didn’t set out to do this, mind you. It just sort of happened. Funny how women with attitude gravitate toward one another.

So, with all thankfulness expressed, let me get down to the titular theme. My earlier post-prompting blog excursions led inexorably to Wikipedia, where I found an illuminating dictionary of emoticons. There I found several versions of the standard turn-sideways-to-read-them facial expressions, such as smiling, laughing and surprise, or :>, 8D and :-O; plus some expressions for things especially pertinent to moi, like skepticism ( : / ) and sarcasm (>_>), which I think can be read sideways or straight-on. There are also some interesting straight-on Asian and Japanese emoticons, like (~_^), which is a wink, and (*_*), which is disapproval. But the ones that really stopped me in my tracks were the emoticons for body parts.

I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to include a penis emoticon in a text message, but I could certainly use a few boobs now and then. (Oh! I made a funny!! ;-D) Quite a number of us could use a boob or two now and then, preferably stick-on ones that would enable us to avoid all that nasty surgery we end up going through. However, I found the Wikipedia list to be lacking in emoticons that would truly reflect our experiences. So, in an effort to redress this grievous oversight, I offer these:

Emoticons for Breast Cancer Surgery & Reconstruction:

  1. ( o )( o ) — basic boobs
  2. ( o Y o ) — basic boobs with cleavage
  3. < - >< - > — basic boobs after a mammogram
  4. ( o )( o#) — basic boobs after a biopsy
  5. ( o ) ___ — post-mastectomy
  6. ( o ) ___ ~ — post-mastectomy with drain
  7. ( o ){—}~ — post-mastectomy with immediate expander insertion and drain
  8. ~___ ___~ — double mastectomy with drains
  9. ( o )(o, — partial mastectomy/lumpectomy
  10. ( o )(@, — partial mastectomy/lumpectomy done through circum-aureolar incision
  11. (o)(o, — partial mastectomy with contralateral breast reduction
  12. (|: /) — Frida Kahlo looking skeptical

Okay, I’ll stop now.

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7 Responses to “Emoticons For Survivors”

  1. Oh Kathi
    I’m honored, so honored to be mentioned in your blog!
    Lord, where would we be if we couldn’t “fart in cancer’s general direction”?
    Love the Emoticons

  2. Colleen,

    I keep thinking up new emoticons, which is an odd indication of how my cognitive deficits manifest, when you consider that I can’t negotiate my way out of a paper bag most days. But come up with something silly, sarcastic and nearly devoid of practical value?? I’m all over that. 24/7.

    Yours truly,
    (@,( o )

  3. Hey, thanks for all the nice words! It’s a small, small world, isn’t it?

    Great emoticons!

  4. Artemus dahling –

    I am so pleased and honored to be mentioned in this blog – nay, a featured character! – you are indeed correct – Women of Attitude do tend to gravitate towards one another . . .

    Xena the Warrior Princess

  5. I can’t believe I missed this post. Love the Frida Kahlo emoticon and the mammogram. 😛

  6. I wondered about those emotions… lol! Now there’s a way to express them delightfully!!! There is nothing more refreshing than cool cynicism…
    frought by the hair on Frida Kalo’s skeptical brow…
    AC/T induced menopause… when my hair grew back, I grew a Kalo Brow… lol… I asked the ObGyn about it… what is this weird hair? She was matter-of-fact about the odd hairgrowth… something else nobody mentioned about side effects… I plucked it… I never had to pluck anything in my life… and a few strange black hairs grew out of my chin! Lord… help me, I am turning into a boy! I have light brown hair… dark blondish… what are these strange hairs? Then, for no reason, all of the hair fell out of my head… it was the Candida… a special shampoo cured my baldness, fungal treatments for the ear, nose, throat, mouth, fingernails and feet… I am better… but I continue to wonder why NONE of the physicians were able to diagnose the symptoms. It isn’t like they don’t ALL look at SKIN and HAIR… all day, all year, forever, and ever!!!

    Thank you, for encouraging me to smile… and laugh. You are good medicine, dear friends!

    I hope this isn’t TMI… I tried to start a blog… long story… You deserve to win Best Blog Awards… endless good stuff ~~~ 🙂

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