Just Shoot Me…

…preferably with an IV of amphetamines or a triple espresso. I am still waging the war on cancer-related fatigue, but I’m not winning the current battle. I started taking Ritalin yesterday, but I’m feeling too foggy to write a post about it. So, I guess it’s not doing much so far, huh??

While I twiddle my thumbs and wait for a miracle, I just wanted to post this. Apparently, the process for clinical trials for cancer treatment is boggy, to say the least. The National Cancer Institute just published a study on this, recommending ways to improve it so that potentially effective cancer treatments could get out there more quickly. But it appears that so much bureaucratic clap-trap would have to be macheteed into submission that the prognosis for improvement is not rosy. In any case, here’s a link to a PDF of the entire report. The summary and recommendations are from about page 4 to page 8, so you don’t have to thumb through all 300-plus pages.

NCI Report on Cancer Treatment Clinical Trials

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  1. Why Ritalin?

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