Yes, We Did. Yes, We Will. Yes, We Can…

A Live Version of Yes, We Can.

A Live Version of Yes, We Can.

Amendment, 1/27/09: Just added a live version of this, per the above. You can play it by clicking on the image or here: Yes, We Can Live @ Invesco.

Click here to see the studio version of this great music video about our new President. All versions will open in RealPlayer or any other media player that will play .flv files.yes-we-can-barack-obama-music-video

Yes, we did elect our first U.S. president with a Caucasian mother from Kansas & an African father from Kenya. And yes, we will celebrate his inauguration on Tuesday, 1/20/09, the day after we celebrate Martin Luther King Day. Amazing.

Here’s a link on the creation of this song. Will.I.Am: A Song To Inspire A Nation

The Swearing-In Ceremony will be held outdoors on the west front steps of the Capitol, and will begin at 11:30 a.m. on January 20. Once underway, the ceremony will last about an hour. Here’s a link to complete information & a schedule of events for the day; be sure to scroll down the page: Inaugural Swearing-In

If you are watching on your computer, ABC will be streaming live coverage on the Web. Here’s a link to their Inauguration Coverage page: ABC Webstream Coverage
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2 Responses to “Yes, We Did. Yes, We Will. Yes, We Can…”

  1. Hi Kathi. What a fantastic blog and delicious video. Thanks for sending that to me. I love the little black horsie on the couch.

    Thanks so much and thanks for your blog. Kathy

  2. Hey Kathi,

    Thanks for the links. I have been following your blogs and enjoying them. I too hope that Obama will be the answer as so many countries follow so closely with the US, Canada being one, I hope that he can get things turned around. He unfortunately has a lot of work ahead of him and a lot of damage control to do.

    As for the white supremicists, I do fear that it will rejuvinate the group and assination attempts will be many. The secret service will have their work cut out for them.

    At least though, the US is heading in the right direction, hopefully we will follow suit. Ahh what am I saying, look who is trying to run our country! We are screwed!!!

    Hope you are doing well. Loved your Amazon picture! Take care and enjoy Tuesday off and the inaugeration (sp) (man you think I don’t know how to spell today!)

    Talk to you soon.


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