Just Call Me MA’AM

This post is dedicated to all the bravely snarky, tell-it-like-it-is breast cancer bloggers out there, and especially to my Sherpa Girls — and you know who you are — some of whom I was lucky enough to meet in person at the recent NBCC Advocacy Training Conference in Washington, D.C.  I would love someday to get all of us bold, bombastic bloggers in the same place somewhere, in actual 3D.  I think the ground might shake beneath our laptops.

A sherpa is anyone who helps to guide you up a treacherous slope, slippery or otherwise.  And there’s nothing quite as treacherous — or sometimes as slippery — as the slope of breast cancer and breast cancer awareness.  I’ve just had a particularly crappy week, trying mightily to serve as a faithful sherpa to a few friends who are new to this terrain and checking in with a few who are veteran climbers.  By Friday, I was whipped.  So, it was a most joyous and fortuitous occasion when I finally got around to checking my snail mail last night and found a package from dear, darling, slightly but wonderfully demented Katherine, of I Hate Breast Cancer, full of prize goodies in acknowledgement of my recently being awarded one of the first Annual MAAM of the Year Awards.  From the IHBC blog:   “As a global leader in truth, justice and the anti-carcinogenic way, the IHBC Foundation is pleased to recognize the few, the proud and the very loud breast cancer bloggers.”  A true Sherpa is Katherine!  It couldn’t have come at a better time.

The prize package contained a number of useful items to help keep me blogging unerringly through the Pink Peril, including a Snarky Spring (to keep the bounce in my step); a Marble Racer (to help me keep my marbles while navigating the slippery slope of pink putridity); a purple Ultra Cutter (to keep my prose sharp and to the point); a Pink Glow Stick (so I can find my way through the rose-tinted morass); and a Bucket of Fun (because sometimes we Sherpas just need a break).

I am proud to share this recognition with several of my favorite Sherpa Girls in the blogosphere.  To see a complete list of this year’s winners, plus links to exemplary, snark-filled posts, visit Katherine’s post about us MAAM Winners.  Naturally, being in celebratory mood, I thought we should have some music to go with this event.  One of my Sherpa Girls suggested that we should have our own song, perhaps a version of “Surfer Girl,” by the Beach Boys.

Well, dear readers, here it is:

Sherpa Girls — The Amazon’s Remix

Sherpa Girls
by the Accidental Amazon, with love

Feisty Sherpas, Snarky Ones!
You make blogging so much fun!
Oh, I love you truly, Sherpa Girls,
Sherpa Girls, my feisty Sherpa Girls…

I have read you on my screen,
tough and true but never mean,
Oh, I love your insight, Sherpa Girls,
Sherpa Girls, Sherpa Girls.

We could change the world together,
make real awareness grow,
On my laptop I would take you
everywhere I go!!!

So I say from me to you
We will make our dreams come true
Let’s help end breast cancer, Sherpa Girls,
Sherpa Girls, my feisty Sherpa Girls,
Snarky Ones,
Sherpa Girls!
My Sherpa Girls!

And, yes, you can download it!!

Hmm.  If I keep doing this, like I did with that last one [Stayin’ Alive], I could have a whole album here…

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12 Responses to “Just Call Me MA’AM”

  1. I love this so much!!!!!

  2. You’re killing me, Sherpa girl:) Laughing out loud!!!

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love it!!!!!!!!! Now I want a remix for the Helen Reddy number….I’m thinking something along the lines of …..” I am pissed off, see me blog”. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Maybe I should call myself the Accidental Allie Yankovick…

  5. accidental allie yankovic! YES!!

    i grew up listening to doctor demento, and i can say that this is excellent spoofing. and i look forward to the ma’am team’s future snark, including anna’s “i am pissed off see me blog.”


  6. CB, my dad was a musician, lead singer of a band, and a champion spoofer himself. I grew up listening to Spike Jones & the Goon Show even before I got to Dr. Demento & Weird Al!! I’ve been well-trained. 😉

  7. YES!!!

  8. I love this. You have a great talent there Kathi!

  9. Let’s help end breast cancer, Sherpa Girls! Love you all!

  10. Finally…I have found a place to laugh and talk about surviving breast cancer!

  11. Welcome, Stacie!

    I’m already working on my next song…

  12. Love the redone song! You might become a famous lyricist with this plus the Stayin Alive song!

    Thanks so much, Kathi!

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