My Other Life

Sometimes, I do other stuff besides write and draw for this blog.  Or work.  Or clean the house. Sometimes I make Art-with-a-capital-A.  I show it in galleries, I win the occasional award, I stand around at art shows drinking wine and eating sushi and stuff.  Before I get to the sushi, I have to create the stuff, print it if it’s a photograph, mat it and frame it and attach a hanger to it.  Then I have to cart it around, pay an entry fee or some such, wait, and finally see it hanging on a wall with other people looking at it and hopefully admiring it and even more hopefully buying it.

It hasn’t been easy to do all this these past few years, because cancer-related fatigue had me in its grip for so long.  And making Art-with-a-capital-A takes a lot of energy and money, both of which were in short supply for months on end.   I wondered if I could even see that way anymore, in that Art-with-a-capital-A way.  But finally, thanks to two of my bestest sistahs, I got to get out of town last fall, visit with each of them, bring my camera, and explore a few beautiful places.  And I found that I still could see the world like an artist, which was a huge relief.  It was like discovering that one of my senses, which I thought had stopped working, was suddenly alive again.

Early this year, after an eighteen-month hiatus from the whole Art-with-a-capital-A world, I decided to get my feet in the water and placed a photograph from one of those trips in an art show.  And it won an award!   [see my earlier post, New Beginnings.]  I was back!!  Then, one of my art buddies, the gallery director at a local art association, contacted me earlier this year to invite me to participate in an invitational art show this June.  It was just the kick in the butt I needed to get down, play with Photoshop and make some more Art.

The images below are the ones that will be in the show.  They will appear at the South County Art Association from June 9th through July 2nd.  The opening will be on Thursday evening, June 9th, from 7 to 9 p.m., with refreshments, and you’re all invited.  I’ve developed the photos to look the way I want them to, got my matboard, my foamcore, my glass, my frames, and my photo paper.  Now I’ve got to get printing, matting and framing!  So, if you don’t hear from me for the next week or two, you’ll know why!

Interiors — A study of intimate light.

The first four images were taken at Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.  The last two were taken in the cupola at Captain Lord’s Mansion, a glorious bed-and-breakfast in Kennebunkport, Maine.  I gotta say, I love New England.  And, if you can’t come and see the show in person, I hope you will enjoy this slice of New England in the gallery below.   For a little added verisimilitude, you can even pour yourself a glass of wine and nibble on your favorite snack while you’re looking.







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22 Responses to “My Other Life”

  1. Stunning!

  2. Hi Kathi,

    Looking for your show info & updates. xo


  3. Freakaphonic!

  4. Amazing… visually breathtaking, my dear! xoxo

  5. Thanks, peeps! Today, I clear off the kitchen table to cut mats!!

    Sharon, the link for South County Art Association will give you their address, etc. I’ll post a flyer or something, too, next week. Would love to see you there! Would your mom be up to it? Don’t think SCAA has a ramp, though, but it would be great to see her.

  6. damn you are one talented amazon!

  7. These are beautiful, Kathi! Thanks for sharing. And thanks to your bestest sistahs. What would we do without encouragers who tell us to get off our butts, leave the city of pity and do what we love to do. You remind me that I need to get back into my acrylics.

  8. I love this post for so many reasons – it is great to have a glimpse into your “other life” and I love your Art.

    Cancer stops us in our tracks, and it is great to see ourselves picking the pieces, and moving forward again. I love your work – I just wish I could visit one of your exhibitions. One day maybe 🙂
    Hugs and warm wishes

  9. Oh my goodness Kathi – I am in some kind of vintage heaven looking at these images! This is just wonderful – so my kind of thing. I wish I was in the locale so that I could visit this exhibition. I got lost in the images of the pantry and the bedroom particularly. And isn’t it funny..well serendipitous that in my weekly round up, I talked a little about the lives we have outside of breast cancer…I think you might have just given me an idea for an new feature on JBBC 😉

  10. Oh, Jan, you paint? I need to write a post about my photography in particular one of these days. It’s really the most recent medium I’ve worked in & there’s a good story behind it.

    Marie, I love the old and the vintage and the historic myself. I grew up in Weymouth, Mass., a town near Boston founded in 1622, down the street from the birthplace Abigail Adams! One of my friends through the forum on lives near OSV & is a member there. It’s lovely that she & I have become friends in person, too.

    I myself have a particular fondness for the Attic. I love all that disparate stuff just tucked into that room with the sun spilling in on it.

    The other trip, to Kennebunkport, happened because one of my other sistahs found a contest of sorts online. The innkeeper of that inn had a sister who died of breast cancer. So she and her husband came up with the idea of raising enough money throughout the year in order to give a group of women with breast cancer a free weekend at the inn with their hubbies/family/friends. You had to submit an essay. My friend, who had BC the same time I did, wrote an essay & got accepted, and invited me to be her roomie. It was entirely lovely!!!! I would have gone just for the heated marble floor in our bathroom! LOL

  11. What a lovely window into your other life Kathi! Thanks. I just love those pictures of the Attic, what a gorgeous space.
    A heated marble floor! Who knew they existed! I’ll take one!

  12. Kathi, Really really lovely! I’m so glad you discovered this passion is still very much alive in you! I admire creative people like you so much!

    I think my favorite photo is the bedroom one. I’m not even really sure why. There’s just something about those rumpled bedcovers and the room jusy says peace.

    Thanks for sharing and good luck with your show. Oh and congrats on the award too! Well done!

  13. Beautiful. I enjoyed looking at your work immensely! Like you, I’m an artist. I mainly draw and oil paint. I don’t have an eye for photography.

  14. Kathi,
    Before breast cancer, I did Polaroid manipulations with Time Zero film. I would take a 35mm slide, project it onto Polaroid Time Zero film, then while the emulsion was still soft, begin to push it around. Since the Polaroid is so small, I had to use a lighted magnifying glass and used small dental tools and a bone folder. There are seven layers of emulsion, each a different color, and each develops at a different time, so I would work the colors that developed/hardened first. To give me more time to manipulate the emulsion, I placed the Polaroids on a piece of glass with a warm heating pad underneath, which kept it from developing. I then scanned the Polaroids into a computer and printed them on watercolor paper. The end results are reminiscent of Impressionist painting of Monet and Gauguin.

    Like you, I got them matted, framed, schlepped them around to galleries and was working on a calendar about Napa Valley when I was diagnosed.

    Thanks for making me think of those happy, creative times.


  15. authentic… light, color, shadow, substance. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing your eye to beauty.

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  17. OMG Kathi…you truly never cease to amaze me! You are very very talented!
    So glad to have met you!
    xoxo Tobey

  18. Lovely work, Kathy. Congratulations.

  19. I love the way you paint with light.
    I used to be a color darkroom tech.
    I spent half my day in total darkness working with 8 commercial enlargers making color locket photos up to poster size color prints.
    I miss working there.
    I miss framing and focusing.
    I miss dodging and burning.
    I miss timing and exposing.
    I miss painting with light.
    I love the way you paint with light!!
    I love the way you paint with light!!

  20. Hi the Artist! i do love your photos’ work… one of my favorite was this photo at the NBCC, it looks like a painting, really great art! grosse bise l’artiste !

  21. They are beautiful Sistah! You definitely have they “eye” back for Art with the big “AAAAA”. I don’t know which is my favorite – I think I like them ALL!! 🙂

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