The Survivors Club

Heard a really interesting interview with Ben Sherwood, who wrote a book called The Survivors Club about what resources humans have & which they use to survive a crisis. You can hear the interview here on this page. Scroll down and pick a file format. It’s an interesting discussion of how we manage to get through the things we manage to get through. I know for sure that I had an awful year back in 1994; my mom died, as did six other people I knew, plus two close friends were diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses, cancer and HIV. It was just horrendous. But getting through it and learning a few things has helped me get through my big cancer adventure, so I’m grateful I had some practice.

You can also take a quiz to see how you tend to respond in an emergency.

According to my Survivor Profile, I’m a “realist,” with a chunk of “connector.” No big surprise.

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  1. Hello webmaster. The Survivors Club was very well written.

  2. Joe, did you read the actual book? The interview with the author was fascinating.

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