Grumblers for the Cure

Look out, Big Pink. We’re loud and proud.

What do you think? Teeshirt? Billboard??

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17 Responses to “Grumblers for the Cure”

  1. that looks excellent….

  2. Kathi this is fantastic. Obviously a billboard, but how about a badge for our blogs?????

  3. Oooo, Rach! What an excellent idea! I’ll do some tweaking…

  4. Okay, I added a tab to a page where you can get the badge, and I put a link on the sidebar. Let’s spread the grumbling!!

  5. I LOVE this!




  6. I love it – and would like to see the billboard!

  7. Yeah, Deanna, right over Komen’s headquarters in Texas!! LOL.

  8. Oh my gosh! LOVE this. The billboard is brilliant, as is your remix. You got it right spot on. Thank you for this wonderful blog post.

  9. Thanks, Kathi. I’m taking it now. Keep on grumbling!

  10. Kathi, How do you come up with this stuff? You’re amazing. Think I’ll feature your design in my next post. Thank you!

  11. Thanks, Nancy!! It’s a little scary to have a brain that thinks in snarky pictures…

  12. OK, your badge is now on my blog. I love it!

    I have to go grumble now.


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  14. This is the best thing I’ve seen all day.

  15. Thanks, Renn & Wendy. Love from the Headquarters of Grumblers-R-Us.

  16. Kathi –

    Nice to meet you too, and I’m ever so glad to find other women who think this way. Just another way to define women according to their body parts, and make it all pretty.
    Here’s a couple more of my posts on this whole pink thing:

  17. Brilliant, Julie! Welcome to the Grumblers!

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