Comfort and Joy

Once again, I’ve been pondering a holiday post, but I didn’t really want to refer to that overriding Subject I usually write about. So, I just started thinking about all the people and things and activities that have helped me get through the past three years. And without a doubt, two of the most reliable, undemanding, consistently entertaining sources of love, friendship and fun in my life are my cats.

Ironically enough, they each came to me from friends who had health concerns that were worse than mine, that made it impossible to keep them anymore. Each of them asked me specifically if I would give her cat a new home. Fiona, a female muted tortoiseshell, came first. Teddy, a gray and white Manx, which means he was born without a tail, came a little later. They’re about the same age in cat years, and from the beginning, developed a love/hate relationship with each other. Sometimes they hiss and yowl at one another, sometimes they play tag or nap together. Typical siblings.

Otherwise, they really don’t ask for much. Well, maybe tuna once in a while. They don’t care if I’m tired or cranky or haven’t brushed my teeth or changed my socks. Indeed, they like smelly socks. They like anything and everything I touch, in fact, and when I come home from work, I often find them curled up with something I’ve worn – mittens, pajamas, whatever — sort of the way you might hug your sweetie’s teeshirt the morning after a long, romantic night. They’re unfailingly happy to see me whenever I’ve been gone for any length of time, be it five days or five minutes. They love to cuddle. They like to talk to me, and they’re good listeners. They’re affectionate and they have lovely soft coats and they purr. What more can a person ask for in a roommate?

They’re also irrefutably and unapologetically themselves at all times. And they’re not afraid to be silly. And they love naps. I like to think we have a lot in common.


There is virtually no place, no time, and no position that is not good for a nap.

Cat and Mouse

There is nothing you can do with a computer that is not improved — or even surpassed — by the presence of a cat or two.


Whatever you’re doing, occasionally it’s important to stake out your own territory.


Position is everything.


No matter what you’re doing, it’s important to look adorable.


There’s nothing like a good book.


Don’t forget to show your human that you love her.

Teddy, Fiona and I hope you all have a peaceful, joyous holiday.

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25 Responses to “Comfort and Joy”

  1. I absolutely love this post. The cats are so adorable. Your photographs are marvelous. You should do a Teddy and Fiona book. Merry Christmas to my favorite Cyber Sister. I hope your holidays are wonderful. Lots of love to you and Teddy and Fiona.

  2. my favorite blog of all time…. it’s like catnip for the eyes….xxxooo >^.^<

  3. Oh Kathi this post is a scream. I think there’s definitely a kittylicious coffee table book here. I particularly love the one of Teddy drinking from the toilet. And what is it about boxes that cats just have to get in them. Brilliant! Merry Christmas dear one. Xxxxx

  4. Kathi, Love, love this post! The photos are just great and the message about our four-legged friends is so true. We can truly be ourselves around our animals – they really understand the concept of unconditional love/acceptance. No wonder we love them so much! I’m having a bit of trouble capturing Ninja (our cat) in photos. When she’s ready, I’m not and when I’m ready, she’s not. Gotta get this figured out… thanks for a lovely post. Comfort and Joy, perfect title!

  5. Dearest Fluff,

    Just want to let you know that my relationship with that odious tail-less toad is prrr-ly platonic. I remain faithful to you, Big Guy. Have a purrfect Holiday, Handsome! <3

    Your Fiona.

  6. Mr. Fluff, whoever you are,

    I assure you that I wouldn’t date that stuck-up tease of a tortoiseshell if she rolled herself in catnip. Dream on, you feckless little slut. That time you flipped me into the water dish was a total fluke. And why is your picture in that stupid icon?


  7. The territory ahead, indeed!
    Love the pics and the captions.
    You keep getting it right, sistah!

  8. Every time I see kitty pics, I am duly envious. I’m wildly allergic to the felines and it BUGS me because they are FIRST-ADORABLE and SECOND-My “I STRIVE TO BE LIKE YOU” pet…. They just do what they want, WHEN they want and wherever they like. Good role models…


  9. Having Tedster has been the easiest birth of all my children. He is the most loving, most humorous and so silly. I cannot account for it, except he is learning
    new talents at Kathi’s house, his actual home now, along with learning to share with Fiona. I couldn’t enjoy this ongoing relationship any more than I do now on a daily basis. It gives me pause for rebirth!!! Much love this Christmas and New Year to all who love our cats almost as much as we do!

  10. Fiona…. always and forever my darling….

  11. Ted:
    In the Alley.
    Bring Rye Bread.
    MR. Fluffy.

  12. I love this post..I have a cat by the name of Miss Lucy..and don’t you dare shorten her name otherwise you get that snooty look. I have had her for a couple of years. One of my chemo nurses was looking for a home for her as her yip yappy ankle biter dogs did not appreciate Miss Lucy’s attributes! Going through Chemo I said sure if you can’t find a home bring her over. Two months later the doorbell rang she dropped the cat in the door that was it. She was a very timid cat. It had taken her at least 3 months with a lot of patience to finally come around. Now she doesn’t leave my side . She lays all over my feet, She naps under the bed however when I climb in, she jumps on heads to the end of the bed there she remains all night. We don’t own our cats, they own us. I had a cat for 17 years I decided I was never going to have another. It’s to heartbreaking when they die..Then came “Miss Lucy”

  13. Love, lOvE LOVE this post! Totally dying with laughter over it… and a few of the comments here! LOL! My son’s cat came to live with us permanently several years ago (strict landlord when he had to transfer to another town), so I know how oh-so-loving cats can be… and also what a hoot they are when silliness takes over.

    Happy Christmas to you! May the Lord bless you with many joys, my dear.

  14. OMG!! Your cats are fantabulously cute!! Love the pix, and I agree that there’s a cute coffee table book somewhere in there. Guess what? I have a black and white manx. I always knew I liked you! I have a brown tabby as well, so I know all the politics of a two-cat household.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely posting!

  15. What a beautiful tribute to your cats. I miss my dogs, who now live at a house I can’t go to, so it is marvelous to see pictures of peoples’ beloved pets. And they certainly don’t ask for much. Yesterday I spent time at a friend’s house where her cat spent the entire afternoon hiding because a blind dog was in the house. I was told the cat would emerge when the dog left…and head straight for the food dish. What a kick!

    Have a fantastic New Year!

  16. Teddy and Fiona would like to convey their heartfelt thanks for all your lovely comments. They have agreed that they will continue to put up with my pesky photographic mania, as long as they get more cyber-strokes like this in the future.

  17. Thank you for reposting this! I didn’t know any of you last year at this time. Your pictures and words are wonderful. Very much in the holiday spirit. Such adorable kitties! Happy, happy holidays to you all.

  18. Thanks, Elaine! If anything, they are more fun this year than ever.

  19. Love this, Kathi! Confirms what we all know to be true … that we belong to the cats not the other way around ๐Ÿ™‚ Comfort and joy … on their terms!!

  20. Really, Yvonne, we are their ‘staff,’ let’s face it!! But they do repay us for our efforts, don’t they??

  21. I love this! I’ve been missing Daisy, my 20 year old rescue cat, that I’d had since she was a tiny kitten. She loved playing with Christmas ribbon and jumping in and out of whatever box was available. This is my first Christmas without her, as I had to have her put down in August. I throughly enjoyed seeing Fiona and Teddy’s pics–helped fill a little void in my heart. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. xoxo, Helen. I’m sorry Daisy is not with you this year. I still miss all the fur-kids I’ve lost.

  23. Dear Fiona,
    I’m new to this scene, but I want to let you know I’m available! ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT? Well, I’m a HUNKA HUNKA BURNING LOVE; a 10 year old gray tuxedo cat with a purrrfect Hershey Kiss (upside down) on my nose. So, DON’T BE CRUEL, come on and LOVE ME TENDER!


  24. Kathi, this is a lovely post! Love the pictures of your fury babies (very kind of you to care for them). I keep a library of pics for my moody cat, Nelly. I love all her positions and try to capture every moment/memory. I love all animals but cats are very special to me. They’re full of character. What would we do without them? It has made such a huge different in my life to have animals to care for. I never felt alone with them and I’ve def. learned a lot from them. They are also family. So glad you have them as part of your life too. xoxo

  25. Teddy is gone now, but not forgotten, Rebecca, and Fiona continues to provide joy and solace. We are lucky to love and be loved by our kitties. xo

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