Komen Gets Hung Up Over Choice

Well, I’d wager you’d probably have to be in some sort of total news blackout to have escaped the media storm kicked up in the last day or so over Susan G. Komen’s decision to withdraw funding for mammograms from Planned Parenthood. We all know it’s because PP has the nerve to spend 3% of its budget providing abortions, while it spends the rest of its funds on trivial stuff like cancer screenings, along with a full range of health services to poor and underinsured women. As far as Komen is concerned, PP might as well have a big, scarlet “A” on its forehead.

There’s not much I could say right now that hasn’t been said already by legions of journalists, bloggers, Facebookers and Tweeters. I thought about putting together a post filled with links to the post-announcement fallout trajectory, in chronological order, with a few snarky comments thereon. Phrases like ‘Nancy Brinker: holier-than-thou,’ ‘Harlots for Hooters,’ and ‘Coathangers for the Cure’ have drifted through my twisted brain. But I decided to draw and play with Photoshop instead.

I must admit, I feel a kind of devilish glee at having so much raw material to work with — sort of the way Stephen Colbert must feel about the Republican Presidental primaries. A little visual snark is just so much fun.

I do apologize to all the nuns out there for this first picture. Most of the nuns I know personally are a lot hipper than Nancy, and dress better, too.

As a crusty, middle-aged feminista, who was around when we were first trying to get abortions out of the back-alley-and-coathanger-death days, I’ve been thinking that perhaps Komen should forget the pink ribbons, and start handing out pink coathangers instead.

With that in mind, this next picture — especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan — signifies Komen’s new promotional image:

Then again, maybe Komen should just admit it knows nothing whatsoever about public relations. At the rate it’s bleeding disillusioned donors, advisors, and public good will, it seems to be choking on its own high-handed sanctimony. At any rate, this is my advice:

Well, I enjoyed myself. Hope you did, too. Snark on, Grumblers!

A few image credits:
The original photo of the nun’s habit came from Gina’s Costume Rentals.
The picture of the Mirror of Erised came from The Noble Collection.

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13 Responses to “Komen Gets Hung Up Over Choice”

  1. I am a nerd, so the Harry Potter reference gave me gigglefits. You are awesome. I mean it.

  2. Thank you, Wendy, my love! We snarkers have to stick together. And, in case there is any doubt in anyone’s mind, there will be more to come. The (pink) gloves are off.

  3. I think that it is time for the Komen Foundation to wind itself down. It has done some good work, it has helped raise awareness but it is now so mired in it’s own bureaucracy that it has ceased to be relevant. When it feels it needs to take political action that really doesn’t represent the average American (of this I am hopeful) to appeal to the wacky right (a strong but not invincible constituency) it has already signaled the beginning of its own demise. There are plenty of strong voices and organizations who are ready to take over. Kay

  4. Kathi,

    Your snarkiness is WONDERFUL!! Love these. You’re a freakin’ genius!!

  5. :D, Beth!

    Tell ya what, sistahs, if they think today’s reversal of their decision has convinced anybody to return to the fold, they’re dreaming. The (botoxed) mask has slipped too far this time. This has all just demonstrated how thoughtless, foolish and out of touch they really are.

  6. I finally blogged on this issue yesterday. Just couldn’t take Komen and the greed anymore!


  7. Great post, Jen! A lot of us have been fed up for some time now. This has all just been more grist for the mill.

  8. Thank you and very much appreciate the comment on the blog as well as the compliment (being a grumbler)! I hope we will grow in number; from the comments on my blog, I would guess there are many more of us out there…which is a very good thing!

  9. Komen’s reversal of its decision actually makes the organization look worse! It is really out of touch and needs to go, step aside, and let better organizations take over.

  10. Amen, amen, amen.

  11. I absolutely ADORE you (and your snarky photoshop skills) . . . you are amazing! I agree wholeheartedly . . . this return of funding is only further evidence of the fraud that Komen is. We all know that they ONLY returned the funding because of the publicity (bad publicity). But, they still wreak in my book. I can’t wait for my busy period at work to end so I can spend more time on this issue. Last year Komen cut 12 million in funding to research organizations because they had some connection to stem cell research. Yet again another politically motivated (SELF motivated) funding cut. It is all so sick. They need to go. @Beth, you are right, Komen’s reversal decision only makes them look worse – it is simply proof of their idiocy. They are about as transparent as can be . . . Nancy is so incredibly arrogant. Well, the tide is a rising and I do believe they are in for some rough waters ahead . . . I expected (and hoped) that Nancy’s arrogance would lead to something like this – some so incredibly stupid and highly public decision that would finally (and perhaps once and for all) back fire to the degree that we need so that Komen can be run out – they are evil middle men who take a huge chunk of what good hearted people donate and keep it for themselves. I do not like them (can you tell). I do not like them very well. The “grumblers” are going to get very loud I think.

    LOVE, love, love your post!

    Much love your way!


  12. Mondo love back, Lisa!!

  13. I just found this blog! Its amazing to find other women across the world who have the same attitude to the appropriation of women’s breast cancer experience in a sea of girlie pink! The pink lady has invaded Australia too and is everywhere. I became so angry aboput this that I made a movie that is on my blog that you and your followers may be interested in. breastlesslandscape.com I look forward to following your blog and hope you and your followers may check out my blog too. Yay sisters across the world! We are not pink asexual girls!


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