Portrait of the Amazon — Sort Of

“All right, lady, you’ve had enough Photoshop for one night. Put down the mouse now, let go of that graphics tablet, and Step. Away. From the computer. That’s it, nice and slow…”

See Anna Yudovin’s original work at www.elfwood.com.

The Accidental Amazon (No, no! It’s only my face that’s real!!)

This is what I look like in my party disguise:

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2 Responses to “Portrait of the Amazon — Sort Of”

  1. Kathi, your site is a feast of beauty and great writing. What a pleasure it was to meet you this weekend!

    Big Hug,

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! Me, too! I loved meeting you. Meeting all the “Rebels” certainly helped leaven some of the sobering things we heard, didn’t it? It gave me more real hope than possibly anything I’ve encountered in the Pink Peril Movement. And I’m going to go visit your site right now. XXOO

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