Time and Loss

It’s Saturday, one of my cherished days off from work. I’ve been trying to be kind to myself today. I’ve had a hard time sleeping lately, so for the past few days, I’ve once again resorted to taking a Benadryl (which is, as it happens, a pink pill) at bedtime, because it works better than […]

What’s Wrong With Pink? Plenty.

There’s something in the zeitgeist. Not only have I and some of my sistahs leveled critiques at the color pink, and all the insidious gender bias it drags with it into the culture of breast cancer awareness, but I’ve come upon many other women objecting publicly these last few weeks about pink in the culture […]

Geek Dad

It’s In The Genes The very fact that I can sit here, using the technology and software needed to put this post together, encompasses abilities I got from having a geek for a dad. The urge to write comes from my mom, but just about everything else — taking and developing photos, using computers, writing […]

Girls Behaving Badly

Okay, so it’s my birthday today, and I’ve had some fun this week, which is a lot better than what was going on last year. Because last year at this time, I had just found out that there was something suspicious on my latest mammo and I had to have another one and I was […]