Discovering Gratitude

One door closes but another opens. In a certain way, it can be easier to find gratitude when your life is turned upside down. At least it often works that way for me. When I’m really up against the wall, like I was when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, a switch often seems to […]

The Graphic Amazon Goes Retail

Long before there was a software company called Adobe, I started drawing. With crayons at first. Way before I could read or talk in complete sentences, I could draw. It was a huge event the day my dad brought home a 64-box of Crayolas, with a built-in crayon sharpener. By the time I got to […]

The Amazon’s Remix

I owe it all to Dad. This may seem like an odd tribute to my dad for Father’s Day. But in fact, it’s an entirely appropriate one. The lion’s share of whatever musical, photographic or geek aptitude I may have, I got from my dad. Among many, many other things, Dad was a musician. He […]

It’s Not A Hobby

Why I make pictures. I’ve been making pictures longer than just about anything else.   I started drawing before I could read or write.   I could spend hours at the dining room table, with a pile of scrap paper and a box of crayons, laboring to render a cat, a daffodil, a tree, a […]