Surviving Pinktober

My new teeshirt perhaps? I admit that I feel a little bit guilty that I haven’t been up to my usual snark and commentary this past month. In years past, I may have contemplated a daily post in October to counteract the Pepto-Pink tsunami. Other blogger friends have eloquently managed to do so, and here […]

A Time For Grieving & Remembrance

I have been trying to puzzle out exactly what is at the core of how I feel this year about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For weeks now, I have been perplexed, knowing that the explanations I’ve come up with so far have fallen short. Last night, I decided to put on my clinician hat and […]

The Pink Elephant

Let the Games Begin? As the month of September arrived last week, so did some group messages in my Facebook mailbox inviting me to participate in this year’s version of the Facebook breast cancer awareness game. Since I deleted most of them before I read the details, I can’t tell you exactly what this year’s […]

My Awareness Wish List

I would have written a blog post a few weeks ago, at the beginning of October, but I was just too tired from work. Since then, I’ve wanted several times to write, but I was overwhelmed by a surfeit of potential topics. Every time I thought I knew what I’d focus on, some fresh muck […]