Math Lessons — The Human Cost of Cancer

I was thinking about the veritable explosion of breast cancer awareness and fundraising groups in the last several years.  If you didn’t know any better, you might think it was the only kind of cancer out there anymore.  Or you might think it had the highest rate of incidence in the population or the highest […]

Music To My Ears — Stayin’ Alive

A couple of weeks ago, I was especially pissed off at cancer. I’m always pissed off at cancer, in truth, but this was a particularly bad week. I felt like if I heard one more bit of news about a friend who had a recurrence or a new occurence or mets or a suspicious imaging […]

What’s Wrong With Pink?

“If we continue making progress at this current rate, it will take more than five hundred years to end breast cancer.” — Fran Visco, President of the National Breast Cancer Coalition Searching For Answers I know this sweetheart of a nurse practitioner named Dierdre who works for the local gastroenterologists — the GI guys, a.k.a. […]