Sunscreen — For Your Car

A little history Back in the 19th century, it was not fashionable to have a tan.   In addition to its racist implications, it was a notion that had to do with economic and social class.   Members of the working class had tans (or sunburns), because they were the ones who were more often […]

These Heels Are Made For Walking

I hope you like the new avatar. It’s a composite of a real photo of my legs, plus some catalog photos from an archery supply website. Those are my actual legs, and that is an actual tattoo on the right one, which I got a few weeks ago so that the only tattoos on my […]

Customer Service.

Just over a decade ago, I needed a car & I didn’t have much cash & I didn’t want to take out a loan because I had just finished paying off my grad student loans & I wanted more time to savor the feeling of not owing anybody any money. This was in August. I […]