The Great Christmas Cookie Caper

In many ways, my mom and dad were very brave, remarkably tolerant parents, bless them. For instance, perhaps against all common sense, I was allowed to learn how to cook, by myself, by the age of seven. It wasn’t Cordon Bleu cuisine, but I could manage quite edible scrambled eggs, bacon, French toast, and even […]

Comfort and Joy

Once again, I’ve been pondering a holiday post, but I didn’t really want to refer to that overriding Subject I usually write about. So, I just started thinking about all the people and things and activities that have helped me get through the past three years. And without a doubt, two of the most reliable, […]

The True Gift

One of the great blessings in this life is being loved and wanted.  Especially when you are a child. It cannot be overestimated what a difference it makes in your entire life.  I was so very fortunate to be born to parents who reveled in my arrival in their lives. My mother had not had […]

Have A Beautiful & Joyful Holiday

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