DCIS: What’s in a name?

Ductal Carcinoma In Situ This subject deserves much more time than I can give it today. But a New York Times article, published today, prompted me to post at least some brief commentary. You may need to sign in to the NYT site in order to read it in full, but that requires only your […]

Lost and Found

“Your biopsy is positive.” Those were the words I heard when I found out I had cancer. I’ll never forget those words. I’ll never forget the day, the hour, where I was, what I was doing when I heard them. I’ll never forget the strange, weirdly comic experience of having the stereotactic biopsy that led […]

NBCC Conference Notes: Hard Data

No, I’m not an expert. My last post was just published on the news/blog aggregate site, Opposing Views, and received this comment: “To opine that early detection does not matter when she benefited from it herself in order to make a separate point about MBC is a desperate attempt to sound like an ‘expert’ which […]