Not All Better — A Survivorship Toolbox

GPS for Survivors — Where are we? I’m about to make another “man-on-the-moon” statement: If we can put a man on the moon, how come we don’t do a better job of helping cancer survivors survive? In fact, this picture on the left is from the website for, and illustrates all 24 of the […]

Inner Resources

Anybody else besides me feel just plum wore out? I feel not only like my get-up-and-go got up and went, but took the Space Shuttle to get there. Aside from the fact that I think humans should do like bears and hibernate for the winter, life has just been too much lately. And it’s the […]

Losing It…And Trying To Get It Back

It makes me absolutely crazy when I hear, once again, from a cancer survivor who is suffering from fatigue and cognitive deficits for months & years after treatment, and is getting no help from her docs, or understanding from family and friends. Time to re-post this, one of many posts I’ve written on the subject. […]

What’s Up, Doc: When Doctors Don’t Listen

Okay, all you doctors and nurses and physician assistants and nurse practitioners and physical therapists and social workers and even medical receptionists taking messages: Listen up. That’s it. That’s all I need to say. In fact, I could shorten this post to one word: Listen! “Thuffering thuccotash…” As far as I know, it is not […]