Fatigue Redux: Not Really Rosie…Yet

Oh! Such sufferin’ My days are full of sufferin’ and Bufferin from Really Rosie, songs by Carole King, story by Maurice Sendak / \ Falling Off The Edge This balancing act is getting really old, and meanwhile the cliff is crumbling. However, because basically I’m an optimistic realist, I noted yet again the other day […]

Just Shoot Me…

…preferably with an IV of amphetamines or a triple espresso. I am still waging the war on cancer-related fatigue, but I’m not winning the current battle. I started taking Ritalin yesterday, but I’m feeling too foggy to write a post about it. So, I guess it’s not doing much so far, huh?? While I twiddle […]

Not As Deep Down: Crabby Is The New Sane

Kiss My Derriere There are, in fact, times when feeling bitchy is a sign of progress, such as after spending weeks or months feeling numb, for instance. Call it apathy, lethargy, atrophy or entropy, but that state of unrelieved inertia is one of the hallmark symptoms of depression. Well, at least my depression anyway. When […]

Deep Down

Shadows & Fog Let me tell you something. The next time you find out that someone you know has wrangled with clinical depression and come out the other side intact, immediately offer your sincerest congratulations. Because you are in the presence of heroic courage. You are in the presence of someone who has waged a […]