One Woman At A Time

One by one Breast cancer is an equal-opportunity disease. It doesn’t care if you are female or male, rich or poor, high or low, famous or infamous. It’s a behemoth. No matter how many research studies are conducted, how much pink merchandise is sold in its name, how many awareness groups and fundraising events are […]

Sunscreen — For Your Car

A little history Back in the 19th century, it was not fashionable to have a tan.   In addition to its racist implications, it was a notion that had to do with economic and social class.   Members of the working class had tans (or sunburns), because they were the ones who were more often […]

Standing In The Light

Battling Mutant Pumpkins Next Saturday, on July 24th, it will have been two years since I was told I had breast cancer. It’s a strange sort of anniversary. At its most fundamental, it marks the triumph of life over death, and I’m delighted to be here representing us lifers. On the other hand, it marks […]

In The Picture

I positively refuse to say anything serious in this post. I spent a lovely, frivolous evening playing with Photoshop, updating the ‘self-portrait’ I’d concocted last year by pasting on a more current version of my face. This bit of nonsense was unwittingly spurred on by my most recent blog Sistah, Jeanne, who has been writing […]