My Spring Break

I thought I’d follow the example of my friend Sarah, who has so often shared the healing power of the flora and peace of her garden allotment in Liverpool on her blog. My own garden has been rather woefully neglected these past few years because of post-treatment fatigue and chronic shoulder problems from radiation. But […]

Comfort and Joy

Once again, I’ve been pondering a holiday post, but I didn’t really want to refer to that overriding Subject I usually write about. So, I just started thinking about all the people and things and activities that have helped me get through the past three years. And without a doubt, two of the most reliable, […]

The Graphic Amazon Goes Retail

Long before there was a software company called Adobe, I started drawing. With crayons at first. Way before I could read or talk in complete sentences, I could draw. It was a huge event the day my dad brought home a 64-box of Crayolas, with a built-in crayon sharpener. By the time I got to […]

The Unpink Post

My favorite month In late August of 1994, my mom died. Today is her birthday. It’s also the birthday of my cousin Suzann, who is the daughter of my mom’s sister Mary, who was my godmother. Since Suzann was born on my mom’s birthday, the four of us, Mom, Auntie Mary, Suzann and I, have […]