The ‘F’ Word

No, not that word. ‘F’ as in fatigue. I’m so tired of talking about fatigue, not to mention living with it, that I’m going to try to act like the journalist I used to be and write something useful about it. Forty years ago on this date, I was fifteen, about as old as the […]

Shouldn’t I Get Some Royalties Here?

I swear on my sainted mother’s grave, I did NOT see the following photos and links before I wrote my last post, “Will Barbie Have Hot Flashes Now?”. Someone at Mattel has clearly been performing thought-theft on me since I was a child without my knowledge. Or, to put it in a less sinister light, […]

Celebrate Women's History Month

If you click on the ladies above, you’ll get to a wonderful website that our government maintains for Women’s History Month that will make you want to jump up and clap. There are lots of links to visits, lots of photos, activities, events and stories. It’s a great site. I’d like to add a few […]

History & Irony

Yesterday, on Martin Luther King Day, I thought back to 1968, when Barack Obama was seven years old. I was fourteen & starting the 9th grade the year that Martin Luther King & Bobby Kennedy were assassinated. I remember that awful year as possibly the most frightening year of my short life so far then. […]