Finding — And Catching — Your Breath

Okay, winter, you can move along any time now please. We’re all done here. The groundhog said you were on your way out. So, pack up your ice and snow and arctic wind chill factor and germs, and take a hike. Okay? You listening to me?? Guess not… I started a draft of this post […]

Hormones + Breast Cancer = ‘Spin’?

This is a long one, dear readers, so get yourselves a fresh cup of coffee. Early this week, one of the presenters at this year’s San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium made a media splash with the results of his research study, headlined, Estrogen Alone is Effective for Reducing Breast Cancer Risk. Dr. Joseph Ragaz, of […]

Bare Bones & Hormones — Part II

Inevitable or Avoidable? It’s August. It’s hot. This has been one of the hottest summers on record here, not just locally in New England, but here in the United States. Maybe even here on the planet. So, I’m a little peaked. Now, I almost never drink carbonated soda. I mean never. I don’t buy it. […]

Bare Bones & Hormones — Part I

Hard Facts About Brittle Bones Here’s a piece of information I’ll bet you didn’t know — osteoporosis can kill you. It killed my mother. It killed the mother of one of my oldest friends. My friend’s mother literally crumbled to death, in pain, in a hospital bed, when she couldn’t move anymore because her bones […]