The Misogyny and Deplorables* of Pinktober

The wrong kind of awareness. It’s probably happened to all women. It recently happened to me when I made a homecare visit to a patient’s house, and she introduced me to her son. But the setting could be at the office or at a party. You are introduced to a man for the first time. […]

Pinktober Update: Komen Embarrasses Self in Hotel Lounge

Recently, Komen demonstrated the lengths to which it will go to sign up new corporate partners. Miffed at the reaction to its recent partnership with oil-drilling and fracking corporation, Baker Hughes, the iconic Komen logo was seen last Sunday night in a Pittsburgh hotel lounge, showing some leg to a prospective new partner. Earlier that […]

Komen & Kohl’s Klueless Kampaign

I’m sorry to have to report that my blog either got hacked or was attacked by gremlins, and this post — and all the comments readers kindly left — mysteriously disappeared from my database. Once I’ve picked myself up off the floor from the shock, I will try to reconstruct it. This is just to […]

Komen: Just the Tip of the Pink Iceberg

[Reposted on October 13, 2012, for Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day. One day. That’s all MBC gets out of this entire pink circus known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pitiful.] February 6, 2012: This morning, I found out that my dear, darling friend, snark and ‘bitchblogger’ sister, Rachel Cheetham Moro, died of breast cancer. Many […]