Arm and Shoulder Pain After Breast Cancer

Shoulder Pain, Among Other Things I wasn’t going to write a post this week. I’ve just finished up the latest round of doctor visits, tests and diagnostic images that are required now to make sure that breast cancer has not returned. According to all this recent rigamarole, so far, it hasn’t. So, I get to […]

Oh, That Crazy, Sexy Breast Cancer

Funny how bits of our culture take on a whole new meaning after you’ve had breast cancer. Take the iconic song, “Bohemian Rhapsody” by the group Queen. I discovered the Muppets’ hilarious version of it on YouTube one day and posted it on Facebook, whereupon a number of my sistahs posted a variety of wry […]

Adapting — Practical Stuff for Hands & Arms

Sometimes, I feel like such an idiot. I’ve been promising to write a post about neuropathy, especially in the hands, which I know a lot of my readers suffer from.  There are a few treatment modalities that we physical therapists can perform with patients who have neuropathy, that can reduce or eliminate it.  I was […]

Losing It…And Trying To Get It Back

It makes me absolutely crazy when I hear, once again, from a cancer survivor who is suffering from fatigue and cognitive deficits for months & years after treatment, and is getting no help from her docs, or understanding from family and friends. Time to re-post this, one of many posts I’ve written on the subject. […]