Fortune Teller Claims Psychic Powers Superior to Mammography

Not everyone has been pleased with the latest mammography screening recommendations, recently published by the American Cancer Society in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Proposed for women at average risk for breast cancer, they differ in certain details from the guidelines released in 2009 by the USPSTF. These differences have caused no end […]

Mammography and Mortality Study: What Does It All Really Mean?

Like nearly all of us with a breast cancer history, I’ve read (quite a lot, maybe too much) about the now-infamous latest study on mammography and mortality, published July 6, 2015 in JAMA. If you want to slog through the original, it’s at this link: Breast Cancer Screening, Incidence, and Mortality Across US Counties. Like […]

Dudes Telling Us What To Do With Our Body Parts

If You Don’t Have One, then Shut the Hell Up. If it weren’t for the website from whence I borrowed the above photo, I might have lost my mind entirely over the past few months. You’ve got to love a site called Government Free VJJ. The site tagline says it all: “Dear Men in Congress: […]

Screening Mammograms: Giving Them Too Much Credit?

Success by association? The current issue of the British Medical Journal [BMJ], published July 28th, includes an interesting review study about screening mammography. The study, Breast Cancer Mortality and Screening Mammography, takes a little explaining. Researchers sought to determine whether the availability and widespread use of screening mammography was directly responsible for decreases in mortallity […]