Broke: The Cost of Breast Cancer

The real cost of having breast cancer — any cancer — is perhaps incalculable. And there is no doubt that having cancer changes your life forever, emotionally and physically. But the financial impact can last long after acute treatment is done, changing your life in ways you could never anticipate. I am hoping that this […]

DIY at Chez Amazon

This Old House Heck, no, this isn’t my house. Just a historic one I took a photo of once. I couldn’t afford the mortgage or the upkeep on one of these babies. Any building that falls under the protection of a historical society, as this does, comes with a lot of special rules that normal […]

Click And Be Powerful

Sooner or later, each of us will find ourselves in a doctor’s waiting room with a clipboard in our laps. On this clipboard will be a very long form or three regarding our medical history. You will be asked if you’ve ever suffered from conditions you’ve never even heard of, and will puzzle over whether […]


Our Cups Runneth Over? “Diagram of Survival, 2008” Decidedly, one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done was to return to work full-time a mere six days after I’d finished getting poison death-rays shot at the remains of my right breast. It happened to be October, 2008. Unless you are an extra-terrestrial or haven’t been […]