“Support the Cure — Start Shopping” So says the banner on a snazzy new website for “Promise Me” Perfume, the latest offspring of a corporate sponsorship between Susan G. Komen, the breast cancer fundraiser, and TPR Holdings LLC, a New York-based “operator in the consumer products industry[…investing in] scalable mass and prestige opportunities in health, […]

Cancer Happens

Tempting the Fates? I might tick off a few people with this post, but so be it. I cannot control what or how anyone else thinks. Indeed, I can’t even control my own destiny. I might be able to exert an effect on it now and then, and I certainly don’t lay around passively awaiting […]

Jumping To Conclusions

You know, technically it’s not winter yet. Just thought I’d mention that. And there’s this global warming thing they’ve been talking about in Copenhagen. So, imagine our surprise — and by “our,” I mean most Americans living east of the Mississippi — when we looked out our doors over the last few days to see […]

Pink. It's Complicated.

Nothing is simple in a free-market society. Even causes. Take breast cancer (– please! — to paraphrase an old Henny Youngman joke). The numbers of us who are diagnosed with it are staggering. More of us survive now. But still — one in eight? That’s how many of us womenfolk are likely to develop the […]