Surviving Pinktober

My new teeshirt perhaps? I admit that I feel a little bit guilty that I haven’t been up to my usual snark and commentary this past month. In years past, I may have contemplated a daily post in October to counteract the Pepto-Pink tsunami. Other blogger friends have eloquently managed to do so, and here […]

My October

I may be biased, but I think New England is one of the best places on this earth to be in October. Cheryl Wheeler thinks so, too. So, please give a listen to her song and enjoy Bob Breno’s imovie images, plus some of my past autumnal photographic forays around the places I have lived […]

The Unpink Post

My favorite month In late August of 1994, my mom died. Today is her birthday. It’s also the birthday of my cousin Suzann, who is the daughter of my mom’s sister Mary, who was my godmother. Since Suzann was born on my mom’s birthday, the four of us, Mom, Auntie Mary, Suzann and I, have […]