Comfort and Joy

Once again, I’ve been pondering a holiday post, but I didn’t really want to refer to that overriding Subject I usually write about. So, I just started thinking about all the people and things and activities that have helped me get through the past three years. And without a doubt, two of the most reliable, […]

All I Need To Know I Learned From Chloe

Some of you may not have read this blog when Chloe was still with me. She died on February 23, 2009, nearly seven months to the day after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I knew she had begun to fail around Christmas, but she was mostly okay. Then, that February morning, I woke up […]

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The Last Goodbye

That’s Jett with two t’s About a decade ago, my friend Anne Marie, who runs the local animal shelter, called me up. She had just taken in a purebred black Persian cat who needed a new home, and wondered if I knew anyone who might be interested. “What’s his story?” I asked her. Strictly speaking, […]

Foxy Revisited — Perspective

There’s nothing like helping someone else with their health problems to distract you from your own. Since returning from my vacation and getting back to work, I’ve been dealing with patients and caregivers, whose daily challenges dwarf mine by comparison. I know I’m not doing so badly when it’s easier for me, with my radiation-fried, […]