Foxy’s Tale – Chapter Two

“What kind of dog is he?” Naturally, every dog owner thinks that her dog is the most beautiful canine on the planet. And I’m no exception, of course.    But I must say, with all humility, that Foxy was a dog who got noticed and admired.   A lot.  We would be walking down the […]

Foxy’s Tale

It’s been five weeks as of yesterday since I said good-bye to Foxy. I can finally think of him now without a sword instantly piercing my heart. I think now that I’ll be able to elaborate on my post about how he exited my life by describing how he entered it. I need to tell […]

The Thing To Do

It’s Tuesday, November 9th, 2010, and I am helping my sixteen-year-old dog, Foxy, navigate the four wide steps down from the kitchen to the ground-level den. I encourage him by informing him that we are going for a “Ride,” a magic word in his vocabulary. There are two doors out from the den, the front […]

Lay Back, Enjoy The Show…

Updated at 1:00 p.m. to add a photo at the bottom. First off, turn up the volume on your computer speakers. Then scroll down, find the video & click on play. I’m starting us off with one of our Sistahs, Sheryl Crow, who couldn’t have imagined when she released this album how true it was […]