Day Job

The Long and Winding Road Despite rumors to the contrary, I don’t get paid to spread snark — and what I like to think is the occasional trenchant commentary — throughout the land. I wish! No. What I get paid to do, four days a week now, is to work as a physical therapist for […]

Arm and Shoulder Pain After Breast Cancer

Shoulder Pain, Among Other Things I wasn’t going to write a post this week. I’ve just finished up the latest round of doctor visits, tests and diagnostic images that are required now to make sure that breast cancer has not returned. According to all this recent rigamarole, so far, it hasn’t. So, I get to […]

Adapting — Practical Stuff for Hands & Arms

Sometimes, I feel like such an idiot. I’ve been promising to write a post about neuropathy, especially in the hands, which I know a lot of my readers suffer from.  There are a few treatment modalities that we physical therapists can perform with patients who have neuropathy, that can reduce or eliminate it.  I was […]

Back Talk 201

Okay, everyone, how are you? How’s the back? Mine is better, although I’m not out of the woods yet. One of my big problems is that I have chronically tight hamstrings. Always did, from birth, I think. One of the drawbacks of having long legs, I guess. Love the legs (thanks for those, Mom!!), hate […]