Declaring an Asshattery-Free Zone

Been an interesting few weeks. I can’t talk about all of it, but let’s just say that a confluence of recent happenings, both planned and unexpected, have put me through the emotional wringer. One of my blog sisters recently published an excellent post on trying to recover her Equilibrium after all her cancer treatment and […]

So What? I’m Still A Rock Star…

There are times when you just need to cop an attitude.  In my semi-sordid youth, I wanted to be a rock star, so copping an attitude was essential.  For various reasons, I didn’t get too far down the road to rock stardom [see my infamous post Why I’m Not Liv Tyler’s Mother], but copping an […]

The Numbers Game

Against All Odds I am not my breasts. And they are not me. They have only ever occupied a rather modest amount of my body, and I have never identified myself by their presence or absence. I am also not merely a collection of differentiated cells or a repository of biochemicals. Nor am I a […]

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Getting radiation can really be the pits — especially the armpits, as it turns out. It’s definitely one of those experiences that makes you think, “Oh, if I knew then what I know now…” First of all, it’s just an odd experience. For more about the oddity of it, I recommend one of my pages, […]