Help & Helplessness

October 3, 2013. Some of you may not know that I once had aspirations to become a rock star. I didn’t, but failing that, I’ve been known to rewrite song lyrics, sort of like a female Al Yankovic (Allie Yankovic?), except maybe not as weird. A few years back, I was feeling particularly musical, so […]

Inner Resources

Anybody else besides me feel just plum wore out? I feel not only like my get-up-and-go got up and went, but took the Space Shuttle to get there. Aside from the fact that I think humans should do like bears and hibernate for the winter, life has just been too much lately. And it’s the […]

Off My Chest

WARNING: The truth shall make you hurl — possibly. You wouldn’t think I’d have trouble dashing off blog posts during Pinktober, would you? But I have. It’s the overwhelming surfeit of potential topics that has had me stymied. There is just so much to say, I don’t know where to begin. I finally decided to […]

Standing In The Light

Battling Mutant Pumpkins Next Saturday, on July 24th, it will have been two years since I was told I had breast cancer. It’s a strange sort of anniversary. At its most fundamental, it marks the triumph of life over death, and I’m delighted to be here representing us lifers. On the other hand, it marks […]